1st Edition

Third Sector The contribution of non-profit and cooperative enterprise in Australia

By Mark Lyons Copyright 2001
    262 Pages
    by Routledge

    262 Pages
    by Routledge

    'Not for profit' enterprises provide services enjoyed or depended upon by many Australians. But the charities, sports clubs, churches, community organisations, welfare groups, associations, unions, and foundations that draw on our support - and comprise the third sector - also make a significant contribution to our society. They promote social change and defend traditional values; they express our capacity to work together without being ordered by government or lured by profit.

    Third Sector provides the first overview of Australia's non-profit enterprises. It describes how this vital part of our economy developed and how it operates today, including interaction with the government and business sectors. As well as documenting the third sector's contributions, it warns of the threats it faces from massive economic, technological and demographic changes. Third sector organisations must now adapt to new circumstances, and prove worthy of continuing support.

    For community leaders, this book is essential reading. For politicians, public servants and anyone else who interacts with the third sector, it will be an invaluable resource. As the most comprehensive reference available, Third Sector will be useful to students and teachers of politics, public policy, and welfare studies.


    Part 1: What is the third sector?

    1. Defining the Sector

    2. Diversity

    3. Distinctive characteristics of third sector organisations

    Part 2: Where is the third sector?

    4. Community services

    5. Health

    6. Education and related activities

    7. Other human services

    8. Religion

    9. Arts and culture

    10. Sport and recreation

    11. Interest organisations

    12. Economic cooperation

    13. Philanthropic intermediaries

    Part 3: Why is the third sector where it is?

    14. The third sector in Australian history

    15. The dynamics of third sector growth and decline

    Part 4: How third sector organisations work

    16. Governing and managing third sector organisations

    17. Financing third sector organisations

    18. Staffing third sector organisations

    Part 5: Relations with other sectors

    19. Drawing support from households

    20. Relations with b


    Mark Lyons is Professor of Social Economy at the University of Technology, Sydney and is Australia's leading expert on third sector organisations. He was the inaugural chair of Australian and New Zealand Third Sector Research and a founding board member of the International Society of Third Sector Research. He has been a member of several government advisory bodies, including the Prime Minister's Round Table on Business/Community Partnership and the Reference Group on Welfare Reform.