Third World Atlas  book cover
2nd Edition

Third World Atlas

Edited By

Alan Thomas


Ben Crow

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ISBN 9781560323235
Published August 1, 1994 by Taylor & Francis
80 Pages

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Book Description

This book focuses on some of the Third World's common experiences, such as its historical linkages with the West, the challenge to provide basic needs, and the effects of competition in the global economy. It will be useful in bringing a spatial and statistical dimension to the study of development.

Table of Contents

Introduction: maps, projections and ethnocentricity; what do maps and data convey? Part 1 Definitions of Third World and development: independence; GNP per capita and World Bank categories; industrialization; national and world integration; social indicators of development; human development. Part 2 The making of the Third World: ancient world civilizations and empires; the rise of Islam; Europe's pillage of the Third World; European expansion and exploration 1500-1800; the expansion of European control; the world in 1714; the colonization of Latin America and the Caribbean 1492-1810; European expansion into Asia 1800-1947; the scramble for Africa 1880-1914; the control of world agriculture; the rise of machinofacture; the emerging world economy; the rise of an industrial labour force; the World in 1914; anti-colonial struggles; the rise of the USA and Japan; the Cold War and the non-aligned movement. Part 3 Issues and challenges in contemporary development: industrial transformation; changes on the land; hunger and famine; disease and health care; children and development; gender and development; environmental degradation; arms and the military; migration and refugees; international debt; towards the 21st century.

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Alan Thomas, Ben Crow