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    This imformative book is a thoroughly revised and updated edition of the classic introduction to urbanization in developing areas. Using case studies of cities drawn from around the world, including Bangkok, Delhi, Manila, Mexico City, Singapore and cities in Zimbabwe, this key text confronts three main questions: Is there still a Third World, does it have a common urban form, and what is the relationship between urbanization and sustainability? The text analyzes:

    • the dimension of urban growth in the third world
    • historical perspectives on urban growth
    • urban population growth
    • employment and incomes in the city
    • basic needs and human rights
    • environmental problems in third world cities
    • planning and management of cities.

    Containing a wealth of student-friendly features including boxed case-studies, discussion questions and guides for further reading, this text provides an invaluable introduction to the issues and processes of the city in the Third World.

    Containing a greater depth of content and referencing, and with new chapters and subjects covered, this new second edition utilizes its larger format to make extensive use of illustrations, diagrams, global case studies, and further reading. Overall, these changes have contributed to this book's continuance as an extremely accessible student text.

    1. The Dimensions of Urban Growth in the Third World  2. An Historial Perspective  3. Urban Population Growth  4. The Urban Environment  5. Employment and Incomes in the City  6. Basic Needs and Human Rights  7. Planning and Management


    Professor David W.Smith is known throughout the world in the field of development studies. In addition he is highly experienced lecturer and writer.He is a co-editor of a recent textbook produced by Addison Wesley Longman text: Geographies of Development , AWL, Potter, Binns, Elliot (1999) He is also an author of Pacific Asia, another title in the Introductions to Development series which has sold nearly 5000 copies since its publication in 1991