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Third World Urbanization

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Published May 3, 2013 by Routledge
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Book Description

 This book was first published in 1977.

Table of Contents

Section I: Cities and Inequality


1. An Arab philosophy of history: Selections from the Prologema of Ibn Khaldun of Tunis (1332-1406)

2. The Prince and the Discourses, Niccolo Machiavelli

3. The city, the division of labor and the emergence of capitalism, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

4. Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism, V.I. Lenin

Section II: Past and Present


5. Daily life in China on the eve of the Mongol invasion, 1250-1276, Jacques Gernet

6. The condition of working-class in England, Friedrich Engels

7. The home of man, Barbara Ward (Lady Jackson)

8. Urban Latin America: the political condition from above and below, Alejandro Portes

9. Patterns of urbanization and socio-economic development in the third world: an overview, Richard Hay Jr.

Section III: New Theories on Third World Development


10. On the sociology of national development: theories and issues, Alejandro Portes

11. Dependency: a critical synthesis of the literature, Ronald H. Chilcote

12. Underdevelopment and dependence in Black Africa - origins and contemporary forms, Samir Amin

Section IV: Problem Manifestations in Urbanization: Regional Imbalances


13. The geography of modernization: paths, patterns and processes of spatial change in developing countries, Edward W. Soja and Richard J. Tobin

14. Colonialism and the spatial structure of underdevelopment: outlines of an alternative approach, with special reference to Tanzania, D. Slater

15. Center and periphery in the development process: the case of Peru, Bryan R. Roberts

Migration in Rural Areas


16. Rural-urban mobility in South and Southeast Asia: different formulations... different answers?, T.G. Mcgee

17. The political sociology of cityward migration in Latin America: Toward empirical theory, Wayne A. Cornelius, Jr.

18. The African crowd in Nairobi: popular movements and elite politics, Frank Furedi

Jobs and Class Stratification


19. The life of a Jakarta street trader, Lea Jellinek

20. The persistence of the proto-proletariat: occupational structures and planning of the future of third world cities, T.G. McGee

21. International corporations, labor aristocracies and economical development in tropical Africa, Giovanni Arrighi

22. Contrasts and continuity in a dependent city: Kano, Nigeria, Paul M. Lubeck

Housing, Squatting and the Self-Help Principle


23. Squatting and squatters, Charles Abrams

24. Hooverville - a community of homeless men, Donald Francis Roy

25. The case of 'The People Vs. Mr. Urbano Planner Y Adminstrador', May Racelis Hollnsteiner

26. Development alternatives for the Peruvian Barriada, Diego Robles Rivas

27. Housing-settlement types, arrangements for living, proletarianization and the social structure of the city, Anthony Leeds

Section V: Goals and Policies


28. Declaration of Principles, HABITAT: united nations conference on human settlements

29. Policies, planning and institutions, HABITAT: United Nations conference on human settlements

30. Territorial and social problems in socialist China, Enzo Mingione

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