1st Edition

Thomas Hobbes

Edited By Gabriella Slomp Copyright 2008

    The aim of this collection is twofold: on the one hand, it brings together the most significant and influential articles on Hobbes that have been published in the twentieth century; on the other hand, it aims at capturing the trend of fragmentation of Hobbes studies offering a taste of early epic interpretations that engaged with the whole of Hobbes’s theory, and a taste of later works interested in capturing more limited narratives and at recounting parallel stories that seem to be running through Hobbes’s works. The introduction offers a compass to orient the reader’s journey through the collection.

    Contents: Introduction; Part I Hobbes's System of Natural and Political Science: Introduction to Leviathan, Michael Oakeshott; On the spirit of Hobbes's political philosophy, Leo Strauss; Philosophy and politics in Hobbes, J.W.N. Watkin. Part II Hobbes's Political Theory: Thomas Hobbes and Thucydides, Richard Schlatter; Hobbes and natural law theory, Norberto Bobbio; Review: Hobbes's 'Leviathan', Quentin Skinner; Thomas Hobbes and his disciples in France and England, Quentin Skinner; Grotius Carneades and Hobbes, Richard Tuck. Part III Fragmented Hobbesian Scholarship: A: Of Man and Commonwealth: Thucydides and Hobbes's state of nature, George Klosko and Daryl Rice; Hobbes and rational choice theory, Patrick Neal; God hath ordained to man a helper: Hobbes, patriarchy and conjugal right, Carole Pateman; Hobbesian political order, Russell Hardin; Hobbes and the Foole, Kinch Hoekstra; B: Of Christian Commonwealth: Time, history and eschatology in the thought of Thomas Hobbes, J.G.A. Pocock; Some guidelines into Hobbes's theology, Arrigo Pacchi; Calvin and Hobbes or, Hobbes as an orthodox Christian, Edwin Curley; C: The Rhetoric of Leviathan: The artist of the Leviathan title page, Keith Brown; Hobbes' linguistic turn, Terence Ball; Hobbes's persuasive civil science, Tom Sorell; Hobbes's Biblical beasts, Leviathan and Behemoth, Patricia Springborg; D: International Relations: Thomas Hobbes and the external relations of states, Murray Forsyth; Hobbes's theory of international relations, Noel Malcolm; The Hobbesian tradition in 20th century international thought, R.John Vincent; Name index.


    Gabriella Slomp, Dr, University of St Andrews, UK.