1st Edition

Thought and the Brain

By Piron, Henri Copyright 1927
    280 Pages
    by Routledge

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    by Routledge

    This is Volume IX of ten of collection of works on Physiological Psychology. The ideal of science is the highest possible degree of unification, and it undoubtedly aims at the correlation of psychological facts with physiological mechanics, neglecting the subjective aspect of consciousness. This effort to attain unity, which, according to the profound views of Emile Meyerson, responds to the fundamental craving after unity inherent in the human mind, has an undeniable value in research. Initially published in 1927, this book, looks at neuro-mental functioning, receptive and incito-motor functions, verbal function and thought, and the affective regulation of mental life.

    Part I The General Conception of Neuro-Mental Functioning; Chapter I Nervous Functioning and the Brain; Chapter II Mental Functioning and the Brain; Chapter III The Problem of Localization; Part II The Receptive and Incito-Motor Functions; Chapter Ia Motor Incitation; Chapter IIa Sensory Reception; Chapter IIIa Visual Reception; Chapter IVa Indirect Reception; Chapter Va Some Facts Relative to the Nervous Mechanism of the Incito-Associative Connections and to the Switching Of Reactions; Part III The Verbal Function and Thought; Chapter Ib The actual data concerning aphasia; Chapter IIb THE psycho – physiological mechanisms of language and verbal thought; Chapter IIIb The problem of verbal localization and aphasia; Part IV The Affective Regulation of Mental Life its RÔle and Mechanism; Chapter Ic The idea of liberation of energy and ‘interest’; Chapter IIc Affective regulation in biology; Chapter IIIc The physiology of the affective life; Chapter IVc The data of affective pathology;


    Authored by Piron, Henri,