1st Edition

Tidal Hydraulic Engineering

By S.N. Ghosh Copyright 1998

    The text on tidal hydraulic engineering includes discussion of: basic characterstics of tides and tidal propagation; hydrographic surveys in tidal rivers; and design considerations for tidal sluice gates for drainage and fish farms in aquaculture.

    Preface, 1. Basic Characteristics of Tides and Tidal Propagation, 2. Tidal Measurement and Analysis, 3. Fourier Analysis of Tidal Flow Problems, 4. Finite Difference Method for Solving Tidal Flow Problems, 5. Sediment Transport in Tidal Environment, 6. Hydrographic Surveys in Tidal Rivers ,7. Physical Modelling of Tidal Rivers, 8 Hydraulic Aspects of River Training Works in Tidal Rivers, 9. Bank Instability and Erosion Control Measures, 10. Engineering Aspects of Dredging, 11. Power Development from Tides, 12. Design Considerations for Tidal Sluice Gates for Drainage and Fish Farms in Aquaculture


    S.N. Ghosh