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2nd Edition

Tight Junctions

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ISBN 9780849323836
Published June 26, 2001 by CRC Press
792 Pages 350 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

As the first detailed overview of the subject, Tight Junctions brought together diverse perspectives from leading investigators to provide a multidisciplinary overview of the field. Since its publication in 1992, there has been an explosion of information about tight junctions, particularly in the area of molecular structure, cell and molecular biology, genetics and physiology. The field has advanced so fast and so far that it influences many areas of biology and now has practical implications for pharmacology of drug delivery and understanding a wide range of diseases altering epithelial permeability.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Evolution of Ideas on the Tight Junction
Ultrastructure and Immuno-Labeling of the Tight Junction
Intercellular Junctions of Invertebrates
Tight Junction Permeability to Ions and Water
The Relationship between Structure and Function of Tight Junctions
General Themes in Cell-Cell Junctions and Cell Adhesion
Protein Targeting Pathways and Sorting Signals in Epithelial Cells
Biogenesis of Epithelial Polarity and Tight Junctions
Optical Methods for the Study of Tight Junctions
The Claudin Family and Occludin
The Cytoplasmic Plaque Proteins of the Tight Junction
Organization and Regulation of the Tight Junction by the Actin-Myosin Cytoskeleton
Developmental Assembly of the Tight Junction
Tight Junctions and Cell Surface Lipid Polarity
Physiological Regulation of Tight Junction Permeability by Na+ Nutrient Cotransport
Extacellular Macromolecules Modulate Epethelial Permeability
Intracellular Signaling in Classical and New Tight Junction Functions
Regulation of Tight Junction Permeability in the Mammary Gland
Unique Aspects of the Blood-Brain Barrier
Teleost Chloride Cell Tight Junctions: Environmental salinity and Dynamic Stuctural Changes
Tight Junctions and Proteases
Claudins Mediate Specific Paracellular Fluxes in Vivo
Microbial Pathogens that Affect Tight Junctions
Interactions between Clostridium Perfringens Enterotoxin and Tight Junction Proteins
Ischemia Induced Tight Junction Dysfunction in the Kidney
Tight Junctions in Intestinal Inflammation
Tight Junctions in Liver Disease
The Tight Junctions in the Testis
Relationship between Tight Junctions and Leukocyte Transmigration
Ocular Tight Junctions in Health, Disease, and Glaucoma
Implications of Transport via the Paracellular Pathway on drug Development
Pathological and Therapeutical Implications of Macromolecules Passage through the Tight Junction
Functions of OSP/Claudin11-Containing Parallel Tight Junctions

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