1st Edition

Tijeras Pueblo at the Crossroads Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, and Public Education

Edited By Sandra Arazi-Coambs, Judith A. Habicht-Mauche Copyright 2024

    Tijeras Pueblo (LA 581) is a late precontact Ancestral Pueblo site, located just east of the modern city of Albuquerque, USA. Research using archaeological collections from the site has been generated over the past 40 years, illuminating the significance of Tijeras Pueblo as a cultural crossroad associated with dynamic social changes typical of the Pueblo IV Period in the American Southwest. In its modern context, this site continues to function as a bridge between cultures, the past, and the present.

    This book highlights a cross section of diverse perspectives and interests involved in understanding, interpreting, and preserving Tijeras Pueblo, including a summary of recent research on the site, the use of the site and its collections as a source for public education, a discussion of management challenges related to its location on a Forest Service administrative complex, and how interpretation and research have benefited from continued collaboration with descendant communities such as Isleta Pueblo.

    This book will appeal to a broad and diverse readership, including academics and vocationalists interested in late precontact Ancestral Pueblo archaeology and those with regional and global interests in cultural heritage management, curation of legacy collections, site preservation, and public education. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Kiva: The Journal of Southwestern Anthropology and History.

    1. Tijeras Pueblo at the Crossroads: A Review of Previous Research and Site Significance

    Sandra Arazi-Coambs

    2. History of the Ownership and Management of Tijeras Pueblo

    Jeremy Kulisheck and Cynthia Buttery Benedict

    3. Rescuing Collections from Us: The Tijeras Pueblo Story

    David A. Phillips, Karen Armstrong and Karen E. Price 

    4. The Tijeras Pueblo Jewelry Project

    Lucy C. Schuyler and David A. Phillips 

    5. The Community at the Crossroads: Artiodactyl Exploitation and Socio-environmental Connectivity at Tijeras Pueblo (LA 581)

    Emily Lena Jones, Scott Kirk, Caitlin S. Ainsworth, Asia Alsgaard, Jana Valesca Meyer and Cyler Conrad

    6. Resource Distribution and Health at Tijeras Pueblo (LA 581)

    Jana Valesca Meyer

    7. The White Ware Pottery from Tijeras Pueblo (LA 581): Learning Frameworks and Communities of Practice and Identity

    Judith A. Habicht-Mauche

    8. Interpretive Strata at Tijeras Pueblo

    Marc Thompson, Deborah Jojola and Judy Vredenburg


    Sandra Arazi-Coambs is the Sandia/Mountainair Zone Archaeologist and Land manager with the Cibola National Forest and National Grasslands, USA.

    Judith A. Habicht-Mauche is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA. Her research interests include the organization of production and exchange, ethnicity and gender, and the nature of power and social organization in middle range societies in the American Southwest and Southern Plains.