1st Edition

Timbre Composition in Electroacoustic Music

Edited By Simon Emmerson Copyright 1995

    First Published in 1994. The contributions to this collection have been selected to define a range of interests from the technical, aesthetic, cognitive and compositional spheres. The book addresses the continuing need for musicologists, psychologists, composers and listeners to enter into a creative dialogue with designers and builders, who are usually programmers in the contemporary world. The collection as a whole will help to demonstrate the great potential for exchange between the multidisciplinary approaches to music.

    Pierre Schaeffer and the significance of radiophonic art, John Dack; defining timbre - refining timbre, Denis Smalley; the "something to hold on to factor" in timbral composition, Leigh Landy; micro-time sonic design and timbre formation, Agostino Di Scipio; sound processing in Los Dados Eternos, Rajmil Fischman


    Simon Emmerson is Professor of Music, Technology and Innovation at De Montfort University, Leicester. As a composer, he works mostly with live electronics, recently for Sond'Arte (Lisbon), and acousmatic work for the Inventionen Festival (Berlin). His books include The Language of Electroacoustic Music (1986), Music, Electronic Media and Culture (2000) and Living Electronic Music (2007). In 2009-10, he was DAAD Edgar Varese Visiting Professor at the Technische Universitat Berlin. Leigh Landy directs the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre at De Montfort University. His scholarship is divided between creative and musicological work, and his compositions have been performed around the globe. He is editor of the journal Organised Sound and author of several books including Understanding the Art of Sound Organization (2007) and Making Music with Sounds (2012). He directs the ElectroAcoustic Resource Site (EARS) projects and is a founding director of the Electroacoustic Music Studies Network (EMS).