1st Edition

Time and the Brain

Edited By Robert Miller Copyright 2000

    Since the days of Galileo, time has been a fundamental variable in scientific attempts to understand the natural world. Once the first recordings of electrical activity in the brain had been made, it became clear that electrical signals from the brain consist of very complex temporal patterns. This can now be demonstrated by recordings at the single unit level and by electroencephalography (EEG). Time and the Brain explores modern approaches to these temporal aspects of electrical brain activity. The temporal structure as revealed from trains of impulses from single nerve cells and from EEG recordings are discussed in depth together with an exploration of correlations with behaviour and psychology. The single cell and EEG approaches often tend to be segregated as the research occurs in laboratories in different parts of the world. By bringing together modern information acquired using both methods it is hoped that they can become better integrated as complimentary windows on the information processing achieved by the brain.

    Empirical Evidence about Temporal Structure in Multi-unit Recordings, A.E.P. Villa

    Cross Correlograms for Neuronal Spike Trains. Different Types of Temporal Correlation in Neocortex, their Origin and Significance, L.G. Nowak and J. Bullier

    The Space-Time Continuum in Mammalian Sensory Pathways, A.A. Ghazanfar and M.A.L. Nicolelis

    Information Flow Along Neocortical Axons, H.A. Swadlow

    Psychophysics of Human Timing, T.H. Rammsayer and S. Grondin

    Cortical Processing by Fast Synchronization: High Frequency Rhythmic and Non-rhythmic Signals in the Visual Cortex Point to General Principles of Spatio-Temporal Coding, R. Eckhorn

    EEG Alpha Activity and Cognitive Processes, W. Klimesch

    Theta Frequency, Synchronization and Episodic Memory Performance, W. Klimesch

    Distributed Assemblies, High Frequencies, and the Significance of EEG/MEG Recordings, F. Pulvermuller

    Cell Assemblies, Associative Memory and Temporal Structure in Brain Signals, T. Wennekers and G. Palm

    The Relation Between EEG and Evoked Potentials, E. Basar, S. Karakas, E. Rahn, and M. Schurmann

    Coherence and Phase Relations Between EEG Traces Recorded from Different Locations, P. Rappelsberger, S. Weiss, and B. Scack

    Temporal Structure of Neural Activity and Models of Information Processing in the Brain, G.N. Barisyuk, R.M. Borissyuk, and Y.B. Kazanovich


    Robert Miller