1st Edition

Time and the Psyche Jungian Perspectives

Edited By Angeliki Yiassemides Copyright 2017
    172 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    172 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In Time and the Psyche, a diverse selection of contributors explores the multi-layered aspects of time through the lens of analytical psychology. The book aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice, emphasising time's fundamental role in the workings and expressions of the psyche, and additionally exploring cultural and clinical dimensions.

    The contributors deal with temporality in our inner world and its manifestations as expressed by products of our psyche, covering topics including disturbances of temporality within the psychoanalytic session, the acausal connecting principle of synchronicity, time as expressed in film, objects, literature, and culture, and temporality as understood in various types of dreams and imaginary practices. The book also explores the time-bound world, time versus timelessness, the realm of the eternal, human versus cosmic time, Chronos versus Kairos and other temporality-related dimensions and their relationship to our psyche and our experience in the world. With contributors from backgrounds in clinical work, the arts, literature, and philosophy, this collection is unique in its scope.

    Time and the Psyche is a thought-provoking reading for academics and students of Jungian and post-Jungian studies, analytical psychologists and Jungian analysts in practice and in training.

    Yiassemides, Introduction. Part I: Time and the Psyche: Clinical Practice and Theoretical Considerations. Connolly, Broken Time: Disturbances of Temporality in Analysis. Vezzoli, Synchronicity in Clinical Practice. Brode, Chronopsychology of Coping in Traumatic Situations: Bodytime , Soultime, Timelessness. Yiassemides, Dreaming the Myth Onwards: Temporal Directionality and Dimensionality in the Psyche. Hinton, Temporality and the Torments of Time. Part II: Expressions of Time in the Psyche. Hauke, Screen Time: Movies, Mind and the Experience of Time. Bishop, Just a Moment? Or, The Archaic as an Expression of the Eternal in Time. Cassar, Living Kairos: the Time Factor in Waking Dreams. Swan, Motion, Measurement, and Mechanisation: Sacred-Secular Cycling of Temporal Objects.


    Angeliki Yiassemides, PhD, is an independent Jungian scholar, a developmental psychologist, and a Jungian analyst in training. She holds a PhD in psychoanalytic studies and is the author of Time and Timelessness: Temporality in the Theory of Carl Jung (Routledge).

    "You are fortunate to have in your hands an exciting, engaging, and wonderfully edited volume stemming from a conference on temporality in analysis.  Angeliki Yassemides has rendered a great service to analytical psychology in putting together the conference and this subsequent compilation of papers that plumb the depths of time, especially as experienced in psychological reality.  Multifaceted explorations of clinical, cultural and historical reflections on time offer readers the opportunity for a plunge into the complexity we call time.  Do take the time to savor this delightful collection." - Joe Cambray, Ph.D, Provost, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Past-President, IAAP

    "Angeliki Yiassemides has assembled a richly stocked treasure chest of a book. Each individual essay is a gem, and the totality amounts to a brilliant display of psychological insight into a multitude of experiences of temporality. This work is bound to generate much further discussion and interest in a topic of contemporary interest for all schools of psychotherapy." - Murray Stein, Author of Minding the Self.

    "The counting and accounting of time, which passes at its own rhythms, the individual and collective feeling of duration, the experience of living in different temporalities, some of them simultaneous, the amazement we feel when the past, supposedly gone forever, proves to be present still, or abruptly returns, or stubbornly repeats itself: all of these events occur daily. They continually mobilize our attention and wonderment, whether we are farming, strolling, making art, or researching physics or philosophy.

    This age-old amazement and exploration come to life again, renewed by depth psychology, in various contemporary psychoanalytical traditions, and particularly in the works of Jung and of today’s Jungian analysts and researchers. Recently, Angeliki Yiassemides reopened the proceedings masterfully, with Time and Timelessness: Temporality in the Theory of Carl Jung (Routledge, 2014). In this new book, she brings together a set of authors which includes some of the most influential thinkers in Jungian psychology and psychoanalysis. Within the scope of his own research, each essayist reconsiders the investigations and theories elaborated so far on the subject of time and temporality, suggesting new approaches and opening perspectives to help us recognize and think about time in the diversity of its expressions and dimensions.

    "I fervently recommend this book to every curious mind, to researchers, scholars, and clinicians. It provides abundant food for thought and observation." - Christian Gaillard