1st Edition

Tissue Type Plasminogen Activity Volume I

By Cornelius Kluft Copyright 1988
    242 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This book is made possible by the enthusiastic contributions of the authors of the chapters. They have been invited from young and active scientists in the field of t-PA research. I am grateful for their contribution and for the fact that all accepted the specifications of their chapter in order to obtain a structured book. Inevitably, some overlap does exist; on the one hand to enable controversial or unsettled areas to be discussed by the different experts with a different approach and background.It is a particular pleasure and honor that Dr. T. Astrup, as an eye-witness and essential contributor to the history of t-PA discovery and research, gives a unique account of the history of t-PA research in the first chapter of the book.

    Section 1: Overviews/Introduction 1. The Tissue Plasminogen Activator � A Historical Account 2. Plasminogen Activators and Neoplasia 3. t-PA in Fibrin Dissolution and Hemostatis Section 2: Biochemistry 4. The Gene for t-PA, 5 Structure/Function Relationships of t-PA 6. Purification, Assay, and Standardizations of t-PA 7. Structure/Function Relationships of Human Plasminogen and Plasmin 8. Fibrinogen and Its Specific Sites for Modulation of t-PA Induced Fibrinolysis 9. Inhibitors of Plasminogen Activators 10. Control of t-PA Mediated Fibrinolysis


    Kluft, Cornelius