1st Edition

Titanium Matrix Composites Mechanical Behavior

Edited By Shankar Mall, Ted Nichols Copyright 1997

    A review and summary of advancements related to mechanical behavior and related mechanics issues of titanium matrix composites (TMCs), a class of high-temperature materials useful in the propulsion and airframe components in advanced aerospace systems.

    Preface -- 1. Introduction /S. MALL, T FECKE AND M. A. FORINGER -- 2. Monotonic Response /GOLAM M. NEWAZ -- 3. Micromechanical Theories /GEORGE J. DVORAK, YEHIAA. BAHEI-EL-DIN AND JOSEPH R. ZUIKER -- 4. Fiber-Matrix Interface /BHASKAR S. MAJUMDAR -- 5. Fatigue Failure Mechanisms /TIMOTHY P. GABB AND JOHN GAYDA -- 6. Fatigue and Thermomechanical Fatigue Life Prediction /T NICHOLAS -- 7. Creep Behavior /J.-M. YANG -- 8. Fatigue Crack Growth /HAMOUDA GHONEM -- 9. Notch Strength /W. S . JOHNSON, C. A. BIGELOW AND DAVID M. HARMON -- 10. Micromechanical Analysis and Modeling /D. ROBERTSON AND S. MALL -- Index.


    Mall\, Shankar; Nichols\, Ted