1st Edition

To-Morrow A Peaceful Path to Real Reform

    Ebenezer Howard's To-Morrow is deservedly the most famous publication in the history of town planning. Originally published in 1898 and repeatedly thereafter, it sparked the garden city movement across the world, and fundamentally changed the terms of debate in urban planning.

    This new paperback facsimile of the original version of Howard's work includes a detailed commentary by three leading commentators and reproduces in full colour all the material subsequently left out and lost to posterity. This is an invaluable insight into the originality and breadth of Howard's vision, and demonstrates the full extent of his inspiration of future generations of town planners.

    Introduction  1. The Town-Country Magnet  2. The Revenue of Garden City, and How it is Obtained - The Agricultural Estate  3. The Revenue of Garden City - Town Estate  4. The Revenue of Garden City - General Observations on its Expenditure  5. Further Details of Expenditure on Garden City  6. Administration  7. Semi-Municipal Enterprises - Local Option - Temperance Reform  8. Pro-Municipal Work  9. Administration - A Bird's Eye View  10. Some Difficulties Considered  11. A Unique Combination of Proposals  12. The Path Followed Up  13. Social Cities  14. The Future of London  Appendix - Water-Supply


    Sir Peter Hall, Dennis Hardy, E. Howard, Colin Ward

    "Even if like me you already have several versions [of To-Morrow], this is a worthwhile investment for anyone with the modicum of interest in the origins and history of planning and an essential for anyone with a deeper interest in the area....First it is a facsimile of the original work with an accompanying commentary by what can only be called the cre`me-de-la-cre`me of scholars on the Howard and the Garden City movement that he inspired...The second outstanding aspect of this book is the quality and extent of the production values.   Its production in landscape format on high quality paper allows the original and the commentary to be produced on facing pages, which allows the user to read the original or the commentary independently or to read them in concert. It is a layout that makes it an attractive and accessible format for a variety of audiences" - Australian Planner

    'This double spread of foresight and hindsight is a genuinely wonderful thing.' - Michael Hebbert, University of Manchester

    'This edition is far more than an exercise in planning history: all those practically involved in new town planning, whether in Britain or across the world, will find enormous profit in reading this new edition of To-Morrow. The answers they seek will be found in these pages.'
    - David Lock, Chairman of the Town and Country Planning Association