1st Edition

To the Euphrates and Beyond Archaeological Studies in Honour of Maurits N van Loon

    This book contains papers that reflect the wide-ranging interests of the Dutch archaeologist Maurits van Loon—prehistory, art history, and ancient history. It is a mine of useful information and synthesis for archaeologists working in the region of northern Syria.

    1. Notes on the prehistoric environment of the Syrian Djezireh 2. Land evaluation in prehistoric perspective: Some observations 3. A microwear analysis of sampled borers from Netiv Hagdud, a PPNA settlement in the Jordan Valley 4. Jebel Bishri and the Amorite homeland: The PPNB phase 5. Les débuts de la céramique sur le Moyen-Euphrate (6500-5500) BC. 6. A lesser known figurine from the near eastern Neolithic 7. Halaf mortuary practices: A survey 8. The Red Wash Ware ceramic assemblage in Syria: A review 9. An orthographic peculiarity in the Akkadian letters of Tusratta 10. Tispak, his seal, and the dragon mushussu 11. The battle of Qadesh: Some reconsiderations 12. Ein neuer Typus halbmondformiger Axtklingen aus Nordsyrien 13. The beginning of the thrid millemrium in Syria 14. An Early Bronze HI pottery region between the Middle Euphrates and Habur: 15. New evidence from Tell Hammam et-Turkman 16. Metal animal headed cups at Mari 17. Ground plans and archaeologists: On similarities and comparisons 18. The Aussenstadt settlement of Munbaqa, Syria 19. Zur Datierung der altmonochromen Ware von Tell Halaf 20. The origins of the Aramaeans in Syria and northern Mesopotamia: Research problems and potential strategies 21. Metal restoration in the field 22. A bibliography of Maui-its N. Van Loon up to 1988


    O. M. C. Haex (Author) , H. H. Curvers (Author) , Peter M. M. G. Akkermans (Author)