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Today and Tomorrow Volume 9 Science and Medicine
Eos or the Wider Aspects of Cosmogony Hermes, or the Future of Chemistry Sybilla, or the Revival of Prophecy Archimedes or the Future of Physics

ISBN 9780415463041
Published June 2, 2008 by Routledge
376 Pages

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Book Description

Eos or the Wider Aspects of Cosmogony

J H Jeans

Originally published in 1928

"A fascinating summary of his tremendous conclusions…" Times Literary Supplement

"No book in the series surpasses Eos in brilliance and profundity…"


Is this universe permanent or transitory? If transitory, is it near its end or just beginning? Is life common or rare? Where does life stand in relation t the stupendous mass of inert matter? These and other issues are lucidly dealt with in this book.

80pp, 6 b&w plates


Hermes, or the Future of Chemistry

T W Jones

Originally published in 1928.

"A complete and readable survey of chemical developments, making special reference to bio-chemistry, synthetic fuels, and catalysis." Manchester Guardian

"Tells us…with brilliant clarity, what chemistry and its achievements are likely to be in the future." Morning Post

Chemistry as the means of human emancipation is the subject of this book. Today chemistry is one off the master factors of our existence; tomorrow, the author argues, it will dominate every phase of life, winning for man the goal of all endeavour: economic freedom, and may also effect a startling change in man himself.



Sybilla or the Future of Prophecy

C A Mace

Originally published in 1927

"An entertaining and instructive pamphlet." Morning Post

An examination of the possibilities of scientific forecasting.





Archimedes or the Future of Physics

L L Whyte

Originally published in 1928.

 "This book will be an inspiration. The writer is a clear and fearless thinker." Discovery

When this volume was written, physics, biology and psychology were, in the author’s view, converging towards a scientific synthesis of unprecedented importance whose influence on thought and social custom would be profound. This book interprets those events.





Table of Contents

Today and Tomorrow volume 9 Science and Medicine includes Eos or the Wider Aspects of Cosmogony by J H Jeans, Hermes, or the Future of Chemistry by T W Jones, Sybilla or the Future of Prophecy by C A Mace and Archimedes or the Future of Physics by L L Whyte. 370pp







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