1st Edition

Tolerance Analysis of Electronic Circuits Using MATHCAD

ISBN 9780849323393
Published September 24, 1999 by CRC Press
216 Pages

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Book Description

Written for the practicing electronics professional, Tolerance Analysis of Electronic Circuits Using MATHCADä offers a comprehensive, step-by-step treatment of methods used to perform analyses essential to the design process of circuit cards and systems of cards, including:

  • worst-case analysis,
  • limits for production testing,
  • component stress analysis,
  • determining if a design meets specification limits, and
  • manufacturing yield analysis
    Using a practical approach that allows engineers and technicians to put the techniques directly into practice, the author presents the mathematical procedures used to determine performance limits. The topics and techniques discussed include extreme value and root-sum-square analysis using symmetric and asymmetric tolerance, Monte Carlo analysis using normal and uniform distributions, sensitivity formulas, tolerance analyses of opamp offsets, and anomalies of high-Q ac circuits.
  • Table of Contents

    Root Sum Square and Extreme Value Analysis
    MATHCAD Derivatives
    Approximate Derivatives
    Extreme Value Analysis (EVA)
    Root Sum Square (RSS) Analysis
    DC Differential Amplifier
    Asymmetric Tolerances
    General RSS/EVA Equation Sequence
    Compare MATHCAD EVA with Spice
    Compare Circuit Analysis Methods
    More Compicated Circuits
    RTD A Matrix
    MATHCAD EVA/RSS Analysis of RTD Circuit
    Tolerance Analysis of a Bandpass Filter
    Spice Analysis
    Bandpass Filter with Asymmetric Tolerances
    Low Pass Filter
    Monte Carlo Analysis
    Random Number Generator
    MATHCAD's Random Number Generator
    Gaussian Random Number Generator (RNG)
    Converting to Random Tolerances
    Monte Carlo Analysis-DC Differential Amplifier
    MCA of RTD Circuit
    MCA Bandpass Filter (BPF)
    Fast Monte Carlo Analysis-FMCA
    FMCA-Bandpass Filter
    MCA of BPF
    Component Slopes
    Sallen & Key BPF
    Sallen & Key BPF-FMCA & EVA
    MCA-Sallen & Key BPF
    Why the MCA Spikes Occur
    Estimating Manufacturing Yield
    BPF Yield Analysis
    Advanced Topics
    Differential Amplifier
    EVA/RSS of Opamp Offsets
    MCA of Opamp Offsets
    Comparing Normal and Uniform Distributions
    MCA of Opamo Offsets (continued)
    Tolerance Analysis of LM158 Opamp Stability/Phase Margin
    Tolerance Analysis of an A-to-D Circuit
    Decimal to 8-Bit Binary Conversion
    NS MF10 Switched Capacitor Filter-Mode 3, BPF
    400Hz Full-Wave Rectifier Circuit
    Confidence Intervals for 3s RSS
    Confidence Intervals for the Mean
    Large Circuit
    Comparator Circuit
    100Hz Clock Generator
    Iterative Transient Analysis
    Half-Wave Rectifier Transient Analysis
    Second Order Transient Analysis
    Transient MCA of Bridged-T Circuit
    Pulse Transformer-Frequency Response
    Pusle Transformer-Transient Response
    Spice Listing
    Derivation of the RSS Equation
    Derivation of Factor for Uniform Distribution Inputs
    Asymmetric Gaussian Distribution
    Ratio Algorithms
    Bandpass Filter Spice Comparison
    MCA of BPF
    Derivation of 400Hz FWR dc Equation


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