246 Pages
    by Routledge

    246 Pages
    by Routledge

    Legislation governing employee welfare is becoming increasingly strict, and nowhere is this more prevalent than in dealing with a diverse workplace.
    Every organisation contains employees who can be considered diverse. Diverse employee can include pregnant women, people with illnesses, young and old workers and those with disabilities. In today’s society, where more people with disability and illness are entering the workplace, it is essential for both the organisation and the employee that managers are able to deal effectively with a diverse workplace.

    Tolley’s Managing a Diverse Workplace provides unrivalled guidance on complying with the legislation and regulations specific to the management of diverse employees. Aimed at both HR and health and safety managers, this unique handbook comprehensively covers the key legislation that affects this important area. Other important features include:
    • Legislation, regulation and the employer
    • Legislation, regulation and health & safety
    • Managing the employment aspects of diverse employees
    • Managing the health & safety of diverse employees
    • Management systems / tools
    • Managing changing relationships
    • The future of diverse employees

    With corporate social responsibility being such a hot topic, the effective management of diverse employees is high on most companies’ agendas. This one-stop reference guide will ensure that organisations are sufficiently equipped to identify those workers considered to be at risk, and manage these risks to their mutual benefit.

    1. Introduction
    2. Legislation, regulation and the employer
    3. Legislation, regulation and health and safety
    4. Managing the employment aspects of diverse employees
    5. Managing the health and safety of diverse employees
    6. Managing systems / tools
    7. Managing changing relationships
    8. The future of diverse employees


    Mary D. Salter Ainsworth, Mary C. Blehar, Everett Waters, Sally Wall