2nd Edition

Tolley's Workplace Accident Handbook

Edited By Mark Tyler Copyright 2007
    462 Pages
    by Routledge

    462 Pages
    by Routledge

    Occupational safety and health management theory is now rightly focused on pro-activity, risk assessment and management. But it remains important that organizations know what they need to do when accidents happen, both to comply with legislation and to extract all the information from the incident to improve their health and safety management.

    Tolley’s Workplace Accident Handbook presents in a single volume what needs to be done when an accident occurs – from emergency procedures and legal reporting requirements through to formal investigations and possible legal proceedings. In this new edition, chapters on first aid and accident investigation reports have been added and the rehabilitation chapter has been updated to cover the latest insurance industry initiatives. The Handbook also shows how to learn from the accident data gathered and how to implement recommendations into a company's health and safety management system. The text is supported by checklists, case studies and ready-to-use forms and templates.

    Health and Safety practitioners in all industries will find this Handbook is packed full of practical and legal advice. It will also be of use to lawyers dealing with accident claims, insurance risk managers, emergency planning, first aid, and enforcement officers, as well as to students on health and safety and specialist accident investigation courses.

    Mark Tyler is a Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner and a leading Solicitor in the area of health and safety law who has worked on numerous high profile cases such as rail crashes and legionnaires disease. His expertise is supplemented with the practical knowledge of other experts in their individual subject areas.


    Ch. 1: Introduction - Mark Tyler
    Rationales for management focus on accidents
    Trends and targets
    Risk management
    Accountability or compensation culture?

    Ch. 2: Accident causation - Lauren Thomas
    Definitions and terminology
    Early theories of accident causation
    Human error
    Organisational accidents
    System accidents
    Organisational resilience

    Ch. 3: Compliance with legislation - Mark Tyler and Hannah Wilson
    Overview of health and safety law
    Liability insurance
    Records of insurance policies
    Accident and emergency management
    Legal requirement for procedures for serious and imminent danger and danger areas
    First aid
    Legal compliance checklist

    Ch. 4: First aid - Amanda Jenkins
    The rationale behind first aid requirements
    The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, Approved Code of Practice and Guidance L74 (referred to hereafter as ACoP L74)
    Appointing people
    Overview of training courses
    Facilities and equipment
    Keeping records of first aid administration
    Informing employees of arrangements
    First aid for the care of the public
    Policy review and the future of first aid course structures
    The role of appointed persons
    Sources of further information on first aid at work
    Legal compliance checklist

    Ch. 5: Legal aspects of reporting and investigating accidents - Mark Tyler
    Obligations on workers to report accidents and dangerous situations
    Duties on employers and others to notify and report accidents
    Other reporting requirements
    Evaluation and investigation of accidents
    Rights of access and disclosure of accident records and related information
    Disclosure in civil proceedings
    Legal compliance checklist

    Ch. 6: Formal accident investigations - Mark Tyler, Alexander Green, Greg Gordon
    Health and safety inspectors’ investigatory powers
    Enforcement notices
    Overlapping police investigations in fatal accident cases
    Powers of the HSC to direct investigations and inquiries
    Coroners’ inquests (England and Wales)
    Fatal accident inquiries (Scotland)
    Facing health and safety investigations: checklist

    Ch. 7: Rehabilitation of the injured worker and managing the people aspects of an accident - Dr Olivia Carlton
    General introduction
    Rehabilitation in the employment context
    Immediate aftermath of an accident
    First few days after the accident
    The management of the injured person
    Compensation claims and the Rehabilitation Code
    Checklist for planning to return to work

    Ch. 8: Legal processes - Mark Tyler, Kajal Sharma, Alexander Green, Greg Gordon
    Offences and penalties
    The prosecution process
    Civil liability and compensation claims
    Causes of action

    Ch. 9: Investigating workplace accidents - Lauren Thomas
    The basic principles of accident investigation
    Developing an accident investigation procedure
    Investigative interviewing
    Investigative analysis
    Writing reports and recommendations
    Monitoring, dissemination and feedback

    Ch. 10: Management tools: accident data and performance monitoring - Mark Tyler
    Recording accident data
    Reviews of accident investigations
    Measuring health and safety performance
    Measuring performance: the bigger picture
    Setting targets
    Annual reporting
    The costs of accidents
    Checklist for monitoring accident data

    Table of Cases
    Table of Statutes
    Table of Statutory Instruments


    Mark Tyler