1st Edition

Tonal Structures in Early Music

Edited By Cristle Collins Judd Copyright 1998

    Discussion of tonal structure has been one of the most problematic and controversial aspects of modern study of Medieval and Renaissance polyphony. These new essays written specifically for this volume consider the issue from historical, analytical, theoretical, perceptual and cultural perspectives.

    Introduction--Christle Collins Judd; Grammar of Early Music: Preconditions for Analysis --Margaret Bent; Exploring Tonal Structure in French Polyphonic Song of the Fourteenth Century--Sarah Fuller; Internal and External Views of the Modes--Frans Wiering; Josquin's Gospel Motets and Chant-Based Tonality--Christle Collins Judd; Tonal Coherence and the Cycle of Thirds in Josquin's Memoresto Verbitui--Timothy H. Steele Concepts of Pitch in English Music Theory, c. 1560-1640--Jessie Ann Owens; Concepts of Key in 17th-Century English Keyboard Music,--Candace Bailey; From Psalmody to Tonality--Harold Powers; Tonal Types and Modal Equivalence in Two Keyboard Cycles by Mursschhauser--Michael Dodds


    Cristle Collins Judd

    "The issues raised in this book are exciting." -- The Journal of the Society for Music Theory