1st Edition

Top Secret Files Gangsters and Bootleggers, Secrets, Strange Tales, and Hidden Facts About the Roaring 20s

By Stephanie Bearce Copyright 2016
    128 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Blind pigs, speakeasies, coffin varnish, and tarantula juice were all a part of the Roaring 20s. Making alcohol illegal didn't get rid of bars and taverns or crime bosses: They just went underground. Secret joints were in almost every large city and could be entered if you knew the right code words. Discover the crazy language and secret codes of the Prohibition Era—why you should mind your beeswax and watch out for the gumshoe talking to the fuzz or you might end up in the cooler! It's all part of the true stories from the Top Secret Files: Gangsters and Bootleggers. Take a look if you dare, but be careful! Some secrets are meant to stay hidden . . .

    Ages 9-12

    Prohibition Pain Carrie Nation: Woman With a Mission Bye-Bye Booze, Hello Bootleggers The Revenuers Are Coming! GET THE GOODS: Prohibition Word Scramble GET THE GOODS: Bootlegger Maze Secrets and Scandals Speakeasies Flapper Fantastic Gangster Speak The Secret Six and the Untouchables 35 Izzy and Moe Radio Code Breaker The Jazz Kidnapping The Lost Treasure Invention of NASCAR GET THE GOODS: Slang Code GET THE GOODS: Marble-Powered Race Car Shootouts and Scoundrels The Purple Gang Valentine’s Day Massacre Kansas City Massacre Gun Molls The Man in the Green Hat GET THE GOODS: Just Kidding Around Most Wanted Scarface They Called Him Lucky Policeman Bootlegger Queen of the Bootleggers Machine Gun Kelly Bonnie and Clyde Queenie GET THE GOODS: Balloon-Powered Boat GET THE GOODS: Wanted Poster BIBLIOGRAPHY ABOUT THE AUTHOR


    Stephanie Bearce is a writer, teacher, and science nerd. She likes teaching kids how to blow up toothpaste and dissect worms. She also loves collecting rocks and keeps a huge collection of fossilized bones in her basement. When she is not exploding experiments in her kitchen or researching strange science facts in the library, Stephanie likes to explore catacombs and museums with her husband, Darrell.

    As in all of the Top Secret Files books, there are clever little pictures and cartoon-like appeal not just to the 12 to 14 years olds for which these books are written, but easily as appealing to adults . . . These books may have been written for our pre-teens and teens but are equally as fascinating to adults. I won't ever allow an adult friend to borrow Top Secret Files books for their children unless they promise to read them first. And they, indeed, do!!!,Elaine S. Wiener,Gifted Education Communicator, 10/1/16