Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources, Volume 2  book cover
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Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources, Volume 2

ISBN 9780367857202
Published November 25, 2019 by CRC Press
478 Pages

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Book Description

Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources 2019 Vol. 2 contains the contributions presented at the XV International Forum-Contest of Students and Young Researchers under the auspices of UNESCO (St. Petersburg Mining University, Russia, 13-17 May 2019). The Forum-Contest is a great opportunity for young researchers to present their work to the academics involved or interested the area of extraction and processing of natural resources. The topics of the book include: • Geotechnologies of resource extraction: current challenges and prospects • Cutting edge technologies of geological mapping, search and prospecting of mineral deposits • Digital and energy saving technologies in mineral resource complex • Breakthrough technologies of integrated processing of mineral hydrocarbon and technogenic raw materials with further production of new generation materials • The latest management and financing solutions for the development of mineral resources sector • Environment protection and sustainable nature management • New approaches to resolving hydrocarbon sector-specific issues Topical Issues of Rational Use of Natural Resources 2019 Vol. 2 collects the best reports presented at the Forum-Contest, and is of interest to academics and professionals involved in the extraction and processing of natural resources.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Organizers xi


Breakthrough technologies of integrated processing of mineral hydrocarbon and technogenic raw materials with further production of new generation materials

Investigation of the influence of foaming reagents of different group chemical composition on the efficiency of coal flotation 479
V.N. Petukhov & Ya.S. Batyaev

A selection of emulsifiers for preparation of invert emulsion drilling fluids 487
S.R. Islamov, A.V. Bondarenko & D.V. Mardashov

PGO Processing with azeotropic rectification to extract naphthalene 495
Y.A. Bulauka & S.F. Yakubouski

Factors affecting on the extraction of alumina from kaolin ore using lime-sinter process 502
A.B. ElDeeb, V.N. Brichkin, R.V. Kurtenkov & I.S. Bormotov

Improving efficiency of gravity separation of fine iron ore materials using computer modelling 509
A.V. Fomin & M.S. Khokhulya

Revisiting the initialization of the kinetic models for flotation of carbonaceous raw materials 517
T.D. Kalmykova & A.O. Romashev

Methods and technologies for the processing of water-hydrocarbon emulsions and technogenic raw materials of metallurgical and petrochemical enterprises: A review 525
S.I. Khusnutdinov, J. Schenk, I.Sh. Khusnutdinov, A.F. Safiulina, V.Y. Bazhin & O.A. Dubovikov

Studying the process of non-sulfide flotation of ferruginous quartzites 533
D.I. Krizhanovskaia

Elevation of gold-bearing sulphide flotation efficiency 541
V.V. Kuznetsov

Polymer-modifier for the road bitumen manufacture of the fourth generation 546
T.I. Lebedzeva & Y.A. Bulauka

Manufacturing process and optical properties of zinc oxide thin films doped with zinc oxide nanoparticles 553
W. Matysiak, M. Zaborowska & P. Jarka

Influence of capillary pressure on the restoration of the bottomhole zone permeability at the filtrate-oil interfacial phase 558
V.I. Nikitin, V.V. Zhivaeva, O.A. Nechaeva & E.A. Kamaeva

Activity of the catalyst obtained by processing of high-magnesia siderites 563
A.N. Smirnov, S.A. Krylova, V.I. Sysoev, V.M. Nikiforova & Zh.S. Zhusupova

DNA Linkers: The weakest link in the artificial nanomachines 570
S.A. Toshev, A.R. Loukanov & S. Nakabayashi

The latest management and financing solutions for the development of mineral resources sector

The estimation of investment appeal of mining enterprises 579
Z.G. Arakelova & A.A. Kravchenko

Formation and selection of strategic alternatives in the management of production facilities in the mining and smelting company 585
M.A. Artiaeva

Impact of market prices of carbon dioxide -within planetary boundaries- to the extractive industry 593
A.M. Gómez Cuartas & R. Biastoch

Economical efficiency analysis of a company based on VBM indicators 602
K.D. Deripasko & M.A. Khalikova

An approach to assessment of sustainability of the large-scale Russian liquefied natural gas project 608
O.O. Evseeva & A.E. Cherepovitsyn

Reusing underground mine space of closing mines 615
A.I. Grincheko & H.E. Golovneva

Development of the Donbass mines potential on the basis of underground coal gasification 622
I.V. Kochura, M.V. Chaika & V.A. Shapoval

Value chain of the refining and petrochemical industries: assessment and strategy integration 633
P.E. Rezkin

CUMR projects: Possibilities for implementation on Arctic territories 643
V. Solovyova & A. Cherepovitsyn

Comprehensive overview of Lean Management tools used in the project to build a miniature production line „AGH Lean Line“ 651
K. Styk & P. Bogacz

Analysis of the project selection technique in the process of a portfolio building for oil and gas company (on the example of GPN-Development LLC) 668
A.O. Vasilchenko

Environment protection and sustainable nature management

Phytoremediation of the salt mine water by common reed 679
A. Brodská & J. Nováková

Comparison of the basic principles of state monitoring of water objects in Russia and the European Union 688
N.A. Busko

Application of a modular-type construction in thermochemical facilities 692
M.A. Fedorova, V.A. Sasarov & I.N. Novikov

Study of the equilibrium parameters and laboratory experiments of heavy metal(Cu2+) adsorption from aqueous solution by nanoclay 701
S. Hasani, M. Ziaii, F. Doulati Ardejani & M.E Olya

Technological aspects of reducing ecological risks from industrial wastewater pollution 709
A.S. Kitaeva, V.F. Skorohodov & R.M. Nikitin

The intensifying pulverized coal combustion in blast furnace 715
V.V. Kochura & A.S. Novikov

Matter of the environmental safety markers identification 724
O.G. Kuznetsova

Double-column double-filter water well for groundwater abstraction 730
J.A. Medvedeva

Kholodninskoe deposit as a threat to the water quality of Lake Baikal 738
T.S Koshovskiy, T.A. Puzanova, O.V. Tkachenko & A.Y. Sanin

Alternative ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions - the main objectives of the Greenpower Poland charity 744
M.A. Sobek, Ł.M. Grabowski & A. Werner

Current state of the water and sanitation services of Russia in the regions 752
M.V. Suchkova

Liquidation of the uranium mine Rožná I in Dolní Rožínka 759
M. Vokurka

Project work with pupils aimed at increasing interest in environmental protection measures 770
S. Walter

New approaches to resolving hydrocarbon sector-specific issues

Simulation of organic solids formation process in high-wax formation oil 779
A.N. Aleksandrov, M.K. Rogachev, T.N. Van, M.А. Kishchenko & E.A. Kibirev

Method of calculating the wear and PDC bit operating time 791
K.A. Borisov & A.A. Tretyak

Numerical analysis of stress-strain state of vertical steel tanks with defects 796
A.S. Dmitrieva, A.M. Schipachev & А.А. Lyagova

Monitoring and control of the drilling string and bottomhole motor work dynamics 804
V.S. Litvinenko & M.V. Dvoynikov

The calculation of endurance and gamma-percentage service life of wells 810
N.G. Fedorova, J.K. Dimitriadi, E.D. Voropaeva & N.A. Ryapolov

Improving the technology to restore well tightness in underground rock salt reservoirs 815
R.А. Gasumov & Yu.S. Minchenko

The improving of the safety level of the equipment working underexcessive pressure 822
K.Y. Kozhemyatov & Y.A. Bulauka

Analysis of well testing - well pr2, Prušánky field 832
Z. Kristoň & A. Kunz

Engineering design of the ejector system for liquefied natural gas (LNG) vapor discharge 842
V.A. Voronov & Y.V. Martynenko

Study of water-containing ability of gas-liquid cement mixtures 851
M.Y. Merzlyakov, I.A. Straupnik & D.V. Serbin

Innovative approaches to light-alloy drill pipes modification for drilling in abnormal operating conditions 860
M.N. Nazarova, A.I. Shakirova, R.A. Ismakov, A.Kh. Agliullin & N.K. Tsenev

Information and kinetic approach to the estimation of the strength of the vessels working under pressure 864
V.V. Nosov, E.V. Grigorev & E.R. Gilyazetdinov

Research of pressure gradient in a gas well working with a foaming agent 872
V.A. Ogai, A.I.U. IUshkov, N.Y. Portniagin, V.O. Dovbysh, J.M. Azamesu & A.A. Voropaev

Research materials for cooking heat-resistant cement mixtures on a slag base 879
A.S. Oganov, S.L. Simonyants & S.F. Vyaznikovtsev

Rheological and microrheological study of microsuspension with nanodiamonds 883
M.I. Pryazhnikov, E.I. Mikhienkova & A.V. Minakov

Rational gas inflow restriction technologies during the development of oil rims 888
N.A. Rovnik, V.A. Lushpeev, D.S. Tananykhin & I.V. Shpurov

Energy-efficient small-scale liquefied natural gas production technology for gas distribution stations 901
V.A. Voronov & A.Yu. Ruzmanov

Physical and mathematical modelling of waterflooding low-permeability reservoirs using surfactants 907
A.S. Sukhikh, M.K. Rogachev, A.N. Kuznetsova & A.A. Maltcev

Preserving the quality of petroleum products when mixed in tanks 914
R.R. Sultanbekov & M.N. Nazarova

Mud cake removal efficiency of spacer fluids 920
S.Sh. Tabatabaee Moradi, N.I. Nikolaev, Y.V. Lykov & A.A. Petrov

The new type of strainer construction 925
A.A. Tretyak & V.V. Shvets

Drilling mud for drilling in abnormal conditions 930
A. Ya., Tretyak, Yu., M. Ribalchenko & S.A. Onofrienko

Hydrodynamic analysis of the PDC drill bits 935
A.Ya. Tretyak, K.A. Borisov & S.A. Getmanchenko

Author Index 940

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Vladimir Litvinenko is Rector of the Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia