1st Edition

Topics in Korean Language and Culture: Volume One

    354 Pages 52 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    354 Pages 52 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Topics in Korean Language and Culture: Volume One covers 12 essential topics relating to both traditional and contemporary Korean culture and society.

    Each chapter consists of listening and reading passages, key expressions and grammar, and performance-based activities unfolding across different modes of oral and written communication. The grammar section is organized into foundation review, semantic distinction, and language function to help learners advance beyond the plateau of intermediate proficiency. All passages are carefully written to resemble authentic texts used by Korean native speakers and to include various text types and speech styles that learners will encounter in real life.

    The first volume specifically targets students in their third year of learning Korean. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of courses and curricula existing for Korean programs today. It is intended for a yearlong language sequence as well as an intensive topic course in speaking, reading, or writing.

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    1.       밥심으로 사는 한국인        The Power of Rice

    2.       MZ 세대와 스낵 컬처        Generation MZ and Snack Culture

    3.       나의 교환학생 일기        Studying Abroad in Korea

    4.       장벽을 넘어서        Beyond Barriers 

    5.       무슨 고민 있으세요?        Do You Have Concerns?

    6.       세계 속의 한국어        The Korean Language in a Global World

    7.       일상에서 행복 찾기        Finding Daily Happiness

    8.       작은 브랜드의 성공         Stories of Small Business

    9.       해녀학교에 가다        Going to the Haenyeo School

    10.   한국의 멋         The Korean Aesthetic

    11.   판소리계 소설, ‘토끼전’        Pansori-Based Fiction, The Rabbit’s Liver

    12.   어느 나라 사람입니까?        What Nationality Are You?

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    Jihye Moon is Assistant Professor of Korean in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at George Mason University.

    Haewon Cho is Senior Lecturer in Foreign Languages in the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Hye Young Shin is Senior Professorial Lecturer in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at American University.

    Jae Hong Lee is Instructor of Korean at Bayside High School and former Senior Lecturer in the Department of East Asian Studies at New York University.