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Topics in Medieval Philosophy

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In recent years philosophers have come to recognise the interest and importance of medieval philosophy. There are however, very few books to which the student can turn with ease. This series provides books which consider problems and arguments in medieval philosophy in detail and with precision, but which do not assume any familiarity with the Middle Ages.

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Aquinas on Mind

Aquinas on Mind

1st Edition

By Sir Anthony Kenny, Anthony Kenny
September 21, 1994

This book shows how the mature writings of Thomas Aquinas though written in the thirteenth century have much to offer the human mind and the relationship between intellect and will, body and soul....

Epistemic Logic in the Later Middle Ages

Epistemic Logic in the Later Middle Ages

1st Edition

By Ivan Boh
April 10, 2014

Epistemic Logic studies statements containing verbs such as 'know' and 'wish'. It is one of the most exciting areas in medieval philosophy. Neglected almost entirely after the end of the Middle Ages, it has been rediscovered by philosophers of the present century. This is the first comprehensive ...

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