1st Edition

Topics in Spanish Linguistic Perceptions

    252 Pages 35 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    252 Pages 35 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Topics in Spanish Linguistic Perceptions brings together the most current research on linguistic perceptions of varieties of Spanish.

    The book includes articles from a range of expert contributors using different methodologies and looking at diverse sociolinguistic settings. Readers will gain a rich understanding of the importance of linguistic perceptions and the societal attitudes they are linked to. Readers will also gain insight into the interplay between socioeconomic groups, and educational and linguistic norms and the perception of non-standardized forms of Spanish.

    The volume highlights the relationship between language and social perceptions and will be of particular interest to researchers and students in Hispanic linguistics, sociophonetics, and sociolinguistics.

    Introduction: Linguistic perceptions among Spanish-speakers: on the pathway to a deeper understanding

    Luis Alfredo Ortiz-López and Eva-Maria Suárez Büdenbender

    Section I: Perceptions of Regional Language Variation and Change

    Chapter 1: "No me molesta que se coman las /s/: A production and attitude analysis of coda /s/ in Puerto Rican Spanish"

    Gibran Delgado-Díaz, Iraida Galarza, and Manuel Díaz-Campos

    Chapter 2: The perception of coda liquids in Dominican Spanish: Geographic and social variation

    Erik Willis and Manuel Díaz-Campos

    Chapter 3: Dialectal contact in the Caribbean: Dominican Perceptions of the Domi-Rican continuum

    Luis Alfredo Ortiz-López, Eva-Maria Suárez Büdenbender, and Cristina Martínez-Pedraza

    Chapter 4: Sociophonetic perceptions in Andalusian Spanish: The case of sibilants in Seville, Jerez, and Cordoba

    Jannis Harjus

    Chapter 5: Differing effects of speaker and listener characteristics on the social perception of two traditional Andalusian features undergoing dialect levelling

    Brendan Regan

    Section II: Perceptions of Language and Migrant Identities

    Chapter 6: Perceptions of ethnic difference in a transnational context: A case study from the batey Alejandro Bass (Dominican Republic)

    Silke Jansen

    Chapter 7: Mexicans and Mexican Americans’ perceptions of themselves and each other: Attitudes toward language and community

    Whitney Chappell

    Chapter 8: The effects of immigration and transnationalism on language regard

    Gabriela Alfaraz

    Section III: Perceptions Related to Language Contact Phenomena

    Chapter 9: English L2 learners’ attitudes towards Spanish, English, and Spanish-English codeswitching in Puerto Rico

    Rosa E. Guzzardo Tamargo, Verónica Loureiro-Rodríguez, Elif Fidan Acar, and Emmanuel Pantoja Morán

    Chapter 10: Sociophonetic perception towards English loan words in Puerto Rican Spanish

    Luis Alfredo Ortiz-López and Hernán Rosario

    Chapter 11: "Para mí, es indígena con traje típico": Apocope as an indexical marker of indigeneity in Guatemalan Spanish

    Brandon O. Baird


    Luis Alfredo Ortiz-López is Professor at Recinto de Río Piedras, University of Puerto Rico, USA.

    Eva-María Suárez Büdenbender is Associate Professor at Shepherd University, USA.