1st Edition

Topics in Vaccine Adjuvant Research

By Dale R. Spriggs, Wayne C. Koff Copyright 1990
    168 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Topics in Vaccine Adjuvant Research provides a concise, focused review of the immunological basis of adjuvant activity. The first section of the book contains several chapters that discuss key issues in cellular immunology, such as antigen processing and presentation, cytokine regulation of immune responses, and mucosal immunology. The second section consists of brief chapters on the mechanism of action of several adjuvants, including IL-2, nonionic block polymers, and cholera toxin. The major goals of this book are to define what is known about the mechanisms of adjuvant activity, show how research in cellular immunology can be used to help understand adjuvant action, and define possible areas where adjuvants might be useful probes for dissecting basic immunological processes. Immunologists, microbiologists, and infectious disease researchers will find this book an invaluable addition to their reference library.

    Introduction (Dale R. Spriggs and Wayne C. Koff). CELLULAR IMMUNOLOGY. Antigen Processing and Presentation In Vitro (Barbara S. Fox). Antigen Processing and Presentation In Vivo (Andras K. Szakal, Gregory F. Burton, John P. Smith, and John G. Tew). Cytokine Regulation of Humoral Immune Responses (Basil Golding). Cytokines and Regulation of Cellular Immune Responses to Viruses (Stephen Martin, Sandra L. Daniel, and Barry T. Rouse). Adjuvants and the Mucosal Immune System (John Nedrud and Michael E. Lamm). SELECTED ADJUVANTS. Interleukin-2: A Potentially Useful Vaccine Adjuvant (Rodney J. Y. Ho and Thomas C. Merigan). Synthetic Macrophages: Antigen Presentation by Liposomes Bearing Class II MHC and Membrane IL-1 (Ouahid Bakouche and Lawrence B. Lachman). Nonionic Block Polymers: New Preparations and Review of the Mechanism of Action (Robert L. Hunter). Enhanced Immunogenicity of Cationized Proteins (J. Gabriel Michael, Amadeo J. Pesce, and Michael Flanagan). Enhancement of Immunogenicity Using Helper T Cell Epitopes (Kemp Cease). Cholera Toxin as a Mucosal Adjuvant (Mark T. Dertzbaugh and Charles O. Elson). The Adjuvant Activity of Monophosphoryl Lipid A (J. Terry Ulrich, John L. Cantrell, Gary L. Gustafson, Kent R. Myers, Jon A. Rudbach, and Jacques R. Hiernaux).


    Dale R. Spriggs, Wayne C. Koff