408 Pages
    by Routledge

    408 Pages
    by Routledge

    What happens if a driver carelessly crashes into another car? Or a newspaper publishes a story which makes derogatory comments about someone? Or if a resident plays loud music every night so that their neighbour cannot get any sleep? Tort law is a collection of such misbehaviours or misadventures where the law deems it appropriate to intervene with civil remedies.

    This new textbook addresses a range of the most prominent torts. The law is explained with clear writing and an accessible approach, relating the subject to everyday examples. There are key learning points to help anchor the reader’s basic understanding, and sections of analysis to guide the reader to a more advanced critical engagement. Above all, tort law is interesting, for it covers so much of our daily lives, and is a constant source of evolving litigation.

    The Routledge Spotlights series brings a modern, contemporary approach to the core curriculum for the LLB and GDL, which will help students:

    • move beyond an understanding of the law;
    • refine and develop the key skills of problem-solving, evaluation and critical reasoning;
    • discover sources and suggestions for taking your study further.

    By focusing on recent case law and real-world examples, Routledge Spotlights will help you shed light on the law, understand how it operates in practice, and gain a unique appreciation of the contemporary context of the subject.

    This book is supported by a range of online resources developed to aid your learning, keep you up to date and help you prepare for assessments.

    1: About Tort Law;  2: Negligence: Duty of Care;  3: Negligence: Breach;  4: Negligence: Causation;  5: Negligence: Economic Loss;  6: Negligence: Psychiatric Injury;  7: Negligence: Liability for Omissions;  8: Negligence: Public Authorities;  9: Negligence: Defences and Remedies;  10: Employers’ Liability;  11: Occupiers’ Liability;  12: Interference with Land;  13: Interference with the Person;  14: Privacy;  15: Defamation;  Index


    Timon Hughes-Davies, MA DPhil (Oxford) FHEA, is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter.

    Nathan Tamblyn, MA (Oxford), LLM PhD (Cambridge) SFHEA Barrister (Gray's Inn), is Associate Professor of the Common Law at the University of Exeter.