220 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    220 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    Despite inclusivity’s importance and most people’s desire for it, understanding inclusivity can be tricky. This book introduces the concept of Total Inclusivity to organisations, their leaders and employees around the world. It aims to help organisations and those people who create them to become Totally Inclusive Communities, wherein diversity is valued, healthy identities are enabled, respect for difference prevails and every member counts – regardless of their identity mix.

    The book provides insights into how identity works and defines Total Inclusivity as concept and practice. Whitehead suggests what organisations can do to safeguard and nurture diverse organisational identities. The book also provides easy-to-follow guidelines on how we can implement Total Inclusivity in organisation through individuals.

    Written in an accessible style, while informed by contemporary research into the self, organisations and identities, this book will not only guide organizational members – owners, CEOs, leaders, managers, administrators and every staff member – along the pathway to creating a Totally Inclusive Community, it will establish a bold and provocative ethical standard for organisations to follow as they venture further into this century.

    1. With Inclusivity, It is All or Nothing 2. Work, Self and Illusions 3. Do You Belong at Work or Are You Just Turning Up? 4. Are You Working for an Organisation or a Community? 5. Words Matter 6. What Gets in the Way of Total Inclusivity? 7. Privileges 8. How is Gender Implicated in Leadership? 9. Why No One is Safe Unless You Have Total Inclusivity 10. Inclusive Capitalism or Organisational Failure? 11. Questions Leaders Should Ask Themselves 12. What Next for You?


    Stephen Whitehead is a British sociologist and educationalist. He is an internationally recognised expert on men and masculinities, gender identity and international education. This is his fourteenth book. Stephen lives with his wife in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Learn more at www.stephen-whitehead.com.

    "Balancing theory with a strong bias for practical and actionable insight, this book adds an authoritative and informed voice to the rising chorus demanding diverse workplaces. It is both timely and prescient; predicting a shift in what it will take for organisations to survive and thrive. Nothing short of 'total inclusivity' will be enough. Relevant to managers and leaders in organisations of all shapes, sizes, and forms, Total Inclusivity at Work is a powerful and important concept and this is a powerful and important book." — Dr Denry Machin, MD, Pedagogue and international school consultant

    "This engaging and enlightening book enters our consciousness at a time when we are asking critical questions about diversity, equity, inclusion and justice (DEIJ). Total inclusivity offers insightful contemplations and empathic challenges on the complexities of what it is to be human in the 21st century. Stephen Whitehead has imaginatively constructed a vision for a creative future; one that is ‘purposeful, reflective, informed and relentless’. Total Inclusivity speaks to us not only about the principles and practices of DEIJ but of the poetics of living with ourselves, with each other and our environment." — Dr Roy Moodley, Director of the Centre for Diversity in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Toronto University

    "This book is bold in its statement of truths, and truly transformative in presenting the challenges we all face in creating inclusive cultures in an engaging, compassionate, manner. To suggest that this book is integral to understanding what it means to be ‘totally inclusive’ is an understatement. It is essential reading – not just for advocates of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice – but for each and every member of the communities in which we live and work." — Dr Rob Power, Founder, www.powerfulhistores.com

    "Profound, punchy, bold, and softened with touches of humour, this book introduces Total Inclusivity, a concept and practice whose time has come. ‘Woke’ or not, read it!" — Dr Patrick Lee, Founder and Director, WLA