1st Edition

Total Quality Service Principles, Practices, and Implementation

By D.H. Stamatis Copyright 1995

    Total Quality Service rises to the business challenge of the 90s. It explains in the most concise terms possible the principles of TQS. The research stands-most unhappy customers do not complain. Instead, they never again buy from businesses that just once left them unsatisfied.
    What then is TQS? In the simplest terms, it is the true commitment to operationalizing the concept of customer focus, establishing service performance standards, measuring performance against benchmarks, recognizing and rewarding exemplary behavior, and maintaining enthusiasm for the customer at all times.
    Companies that do not provide quality service not only won't compete-they won't exist. Let Total Quality Service put you and your employees on the cutting edge of customer satisfaction.

    General Overview
    The Gurus' Definition
    Functional Characteristics of the Term Quality
    Product versus Service
    Examples: Retail, Banking, Restaurant
    Examples of Process
    Cost of Quality
    Appraisal, Prevention, and Internal and External Failure
    Communication and Management
    Quality Service Implementation Strategy
    Change and Paradigm Shift
    A Generic Model for Continuous Improvement
    The Models of Implementation
    The Project Management Model
    Quality Management
    Implementation of TQS
    TQS and PM
    The Influence of PM in the Implementation Process
    The ISO 9000 Model
    The Deming Model
    Deming's 14 Points
    Deming's 7 Deadly Sins
    Implementation Strategy: Points and Questions
    Examples of Implementation Strategy
    Teams and Empowerment
    Team and Quality
    Typical Implementation Steps
    Intent of the Action Is Met When
    Typical Implementation Steps
    Intent of the Action Is Met When
    Typical Implementation Steps
    Intent of the Action Is Met When
    How to Empower Your Employees
    Conflict Resolution
    How to Handle Difficult People
    How to Manage Negative People
    Customer Service and Satisfaction
    Development of a Questionnaire
    Preliminary Steps to an Effective Survey
    A Typical Questionnaire Evaluation Form
    Making Sense of Your Data
    Presenting Your Results
    Example of Customer Service
    Benchmarking in Service
    Basic Steps
    Advanced Steps
    Example of Defining the Process of Benchmarking
    Problem Solving and Tools Used in the Service Organizations
    The Six Steps of Problem-Solving Process
    Pointers on Problem Solving
    Problem-Solving Tools
    Graphical Presentation
    Statistical Process Control
    Control Charts
    Control Limits
    Control Charting Goals
    Control Charting Development
    Control Charting Interpretation
    ISO 9000 and Service Quality
    Overview of the Guidelines
    Quality Management and Quality Assurance Standard
    How to design, implement and manage a SUPERIOR customer service program
    Key components of customer service
    How to establish a customer service plan for your company
    The customer service test
    How to identify the current condition
    A generic continual improvement tool matrix
    Examples of cost of quality items in service
    Selected Bibliography


    D.H. Stamatis