1st Edition

Total Quality in Radiology A Guide to Implementation

By Henry George Adams, Sudhir Arora Copyright 1994

    Total Quality is a practical, proven approach to management that is successfully being applied throughout American industry-and more recently in health care organizations.
    Total Quality in Radiology: A Guide to Implementation is designed to be used by the neophyte or experienced quality improvement practitioner. Written by two authors with extensive experience in departmental leadership, problem solving, and improvement programs, this new book provides the reader with a step-by-step, practical approach for implementing total quality in a radiology department.
    The book covers all the principles of total quality and provides the basic tools necessary to begin and implement a detailed QI program.
    For the administrator, there are examples of actual radiology improvement projects that have been implemented in U.S. hospitals-including successes and setbacks. Lessons learned and pitfalls are openly discussed.
    For the radiologist, there is a fresh new look at quality from the "customer's" perspective-the patient and referring physician. Examples of programs "in operation" are provided as well as suggestions for other areas where radiology-initiated quality programs may have a positive impact on patient outcome.
    This book has something for those who want relief from crisis management and wish to maintain an abiding commitment to an improved health care workplace.

    1. Introduction to Total Quality Management
    Historical Perspective
    Quality Assurance vs. Quality Improvement
    Deming's 14 Points Applied to Radiology
    2. Creating Purpose in the Radiologic Practice
    Guiding Principles
    3. Seeking Continuous Improvement
    What the Customer Wants
    Measurable Department Logistics
    Measurable Radiologic Science
    4. Defining Process and the TQM Method
    The Basic Process
    Total Quality Improvement Implementation Plan
    5. Mastering the Tools of TQM
    Cause-and-Effect Diagram
    Pareto Chart
    Scatter Diagram
    Trend Chart
    Control Chart
    Group Task and Decision-Making Tools
    6. The Basics of Statistical Analysis
    Doing It with Data
    Basic Descriptive Statistics
    Basic Statistics of Diagnosis
    7. The Process of Getting Started
    Making the Transition from Business as Usual
    The Fundamentals
    Managing the Implementation
    8. Improvement in Department Logistics
    Clarifying the Mission of the Department
    Tackling Excessive Patient Waiting Time
    Reducing Report Turnaround Time
    Improving Patient Access
    Solving Revenue Problems
    9. Improvement in Diagnosis and Therapeutics
    Improving Breast Cancer Detection
    Optimizing Magnetic Resonance Diagnosis
    Cross-Functional Improvement Programs
    Thoughts on Future Applications
    10. The Use of Personal Computers in the Improvement Process
    Data Collection and Entry
    Hardware Requirements
    Appendix A: Quality Improvement Templates
    Additional Readings


    Sudhir Arora

    "This book is short, easy-to-read, and includes information you need to know...a primer in CQI. Other competing short texts specifically introducing the topic to radiologists do not exist."
    Marvin Guter-Vestal, NY
    Donald C. Kubisa-Binghamton, NY

    "The book not only meets the author's objectives, but it is written in such a way as to be a resource book one would find going back to time and time again...Rating: 94"

    ADVANCE for Administrators in Radiology, November 1994
    "Total Quality in Radiology should be read by those who are about to look in the mirror of continuous improvement."
    Carol Wesolowski, University of Michigan Hospitals, Ann Arbor