656 Pages 300 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    656 Pages 300 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Tourism can be a challenging subject for students because it is both dynamic and susceptible to economic turbulence and shifts in trends. Tourism: A Modern Synthesis is an essential textbook for tourism students seeking a clear and comprehensive introduction to their studies that addresses these challenges. The authors apply a business approach to the subject, reflecting developments in the teaching and content of university courses, and the text covers both key principles and contemporary themes and issues at a global scale.

    Among the new features and topics included in this fifth edition are:

    • New and fully updated case studies to reflect current trends and emerging markets including Africa and Asia.
    • Up-to-date content on disruptive technologies such as Airbnb, low-cost airlines, the e-travel revolution and future developments.
    • Current debates in sustainable tourism including the anti-tourism movement, plastic use and the Sustainable Development Goals.
    • New content on evolving topics such as future employment, human resource management in tourism and generational marketing.
    • Fully updated statistics and data.
    • A brand-new Companion Website including an instructor’s manual, supplementary case studies, weblinks, multiple choice questions and PowerPoint slides.

    This is the ideal guide to tourism for students across all levels, serving as a point of reference throughout a programme of study.

    Part 1 Understanding tourism

    1 Introduction to tourism: Themes, concepts and issues 

    2 The evolution and development of tourism 

    3 Understanding tourism demand 

    4 Understanding the tourist as a consumer 

    Part 2 Understanding the tourism industry

    5 Understanding and managing tourism supply: An introductory framework

    6 Information communication technologies in tourism 

    7 Travel intermediaries: Tour operators and agents 

    8 Transporting the tourist

    9 Visitor attractions 

    10 Tourism accommodation and hospitality services 

    Part 3 Managing tourist operations and communicating with the visitor

    11 Human resource management in tourism 

    12 Tourism and entrepreneurship 

    13 The role of the public sector in tourism 

    14 Marketing tourism 

    15 Marketing tourism destinations

    Part 4 The impact of tourism

    16 Economic impacts 

    17 Social and cultural impacts 

    18 Environmental impacts 

    19 The challenge of sustainability 

    Part 5 Trends and themes in the use of tourist resources

    20 Urban tourism 

    21 Rural tourism 

    22 Coastal and resort tourism 

    23 Tourism in the less developed world 

    Part 6 Managing tourism activities

    24 Planning and managing the tourist experience 

    25 Tourist health and safety: Global challenges for tourism 

    26 Event tourism 

    27 The future of tourism 


    Stephen J. Page is Associate Dean (Research) and Professor of Business and Management, Hertfordshire Business School, University of Hertfordshire, UK.

    Joanne Connell is Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management, University of Exeter Business School, Exeter, UK.

    ‘Each edition of this book gets better and better. The pedagogical tools of this fifth edition are accessible and extremely helpful for students and educators. The new empirical examples are timely and relevant in today’s global tourism sector, and the new information on technology and innovation extends the reach of the book considerably and makes it increasingly relevant to tourism graduates.’

    Dallen J. Timothy, Professor, Arizona State University, US

    Tourism: A Modern Synthesis introduces the reader to a wide range of concepts and case studies relevant to tourism studies as well as tourism management. Addressing a wide range of topic areas including technology, the Sustainable Development Goals and tourism, and climate change, the book provides a comprehensive, contemporary reference volume for undergraduate students throughout their studies.’

    Dr Julia N. Albrecht, Department of Tourism, University of Otago, New Zealand

    ‘I have used Tourism: A Modern Synthesis in my teaching for many years, finding it highly accessible for students. I was delighted, therefore, to hear of this new edition which has been updated throughout and has new sections and case studies reflecting the concerns and issues affecting tourism today.’

    Dr Nikki MacLeod, Business Faculty, University of Greenwich, UK

    ‘Page and Connell offer a contemporary insight into one of the largest and most dynamic global industries. The text introduces the fundamental concepts in tourism in an engaging and accessible way. A wealth of case studies from different contexts help bring theory to life and, along with the strong emphasis on business application and emerging issues, make this book a valuable tool for academics and professionals alike.’

    Dr Svetla Stoyanova-Bozhkova, Bournemouth University, UK