4th Edition

Tourism Planning Basics, Concepts, Cases

By Turgut Var, Clare Gunn Copyright 2003

    As one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy since the 1950s, tourism has proved to be a complicated phenomenon, unlike any other economic producer. Over the last few decades, tourism has exerted increasing pressure on the land and negative social, environmental and economic impacts have surfaced as major issues. Positive guidelines for better planning are in demand by developers and designers who need new understandings of the breadth of tourism's complexity for their own success. Long considered the seminal work on tourism development, Tourism Planning provides a comprehensive, integrated overview of all aspects of tourism and the planning functions that accompany it, emphasizing concepts and principles for better planning.

    Part 1: The Basics  1. The Purpose of Tourism Planning  2. Tourism as a System  3. Growth, Sustainability, Ecotourism  4. Policy  Part 2: Concepts and Examples of Tourism Planning  5. Regional Planning Concepts  6. Regional Planning Cases  7. Destination Planning Concepts  8. Destination Planning Cases  9. Site Planning Concepts  10. Site Planning Cases


    Turgut Var and Clare Gunn