1st Edition

Tourism and Hospitality in the 21st Century

Edited By Andrew Lockwood, S Medlik Copyright 2002
    344 Pages
    by Routledge

    344 Pages
    by Routledge

    'Tourism and Hospitality in the 21st Century' is a collection of essays which consider the future of tourism and hospitality. The international team of contributors represent a wide range of interests involved in tourism and hospitality.

    Divided into three parts, this book analyses:

    · Global dimensions, patterns and trends -demographic, social, economic and technical
    · Regional development of such areas as Africa, Asia, Europe and America, among others
    · The future of various sectors within the industries - such as transport, tourist attractions, coastal resorts and timesharing.

    'Tourism and Hospitality in the 21st Century' is suitable for: senior personnel in private and public sector tourism and hospitality operations; international and national official tourism bodies and other organizations; universities and other higher education institutions; universitties and other higher education institutions; consultancy; finance, construction and supply industries; and as a reference point for students.

    Global views - World travel and tourism today(Todd); The world of today and tomorrow 1 (Cetron); The world of today and tomorrow 2 (Willmott & Graham); World population and standard of living: the implications (Frechtling); Tourism and hospitality on the way to the 21st century (Muller); The future of leisure time (Clark); Tourism research and theories: a review (Weiler); Hospitality research and theories: a review (Olsen); Forecasting future tourism flows (Witt & Song); Global regions futures - Africa (Teye); Asia Pacific (Chamberlain); The Caribbean (Poon); Europe (Cleverdon); Middle East (Wahad); North America (Cook); South America (Schluter); Sectoral futures - Which way for tourist attractions? (Middleton); Hospitality and the tourist of the future (Olsen); The future of cruising (Coulson); Transport: the tail that wags the dog (Seekings); The future of timesharing (Hitchcock); The tourism market place: new challenges (Affolter); Travel distribution systems: one-to-one marketing (Bergsma); Perspectives and thoughts on tour guiding (Weiler & Ham); National tourist offices (Leu); Public - private sector partnerships (Heeley); Coastal resorts and climate change (Lohmann); Conclusions: problems, challenges, solutions (Butler & Jones).


    A. Lockwood, S. Medlpson

    "This book would benefit anyone reading it with even a passing interest in the topic. It is easily readable, and a very understandable introduction to the topics that will be consuming us in the years ahead."
    -Mosche Davidow, Lecturer, Graduate School of Business, Univesity of Haifa, Israel