1st Edition

Tourism and Poverty Alleviation in Nature Conservation Areas A Comparative Study Between Japan and Vietnam

By Nguyen Van Hoang Copyright 2024
    116 Pages 30 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This timely book delves into the intricate relationship between tourism and poverty with a specific focus on nature conservation areas, using case studies of island economies in a developed country, Japan, and a developing one, Vietnam. 

    The volume asserts that although the concept of pro-poor tourism has often linked tourism with poverty, limited research has examined this link from diverse perspectives, including those of developed and developing countries where poverty can understand in absolute or relative forms. Notably, the book considers the voices of local residents in these areas, particularly the impoverished living in tourist destinations in Vietnam. This is essential for influencing conservation efforts and making poverty alleviation more achievable. Readers, therefore, gain an understanding of why tourism and poverty alleviation are crucial for every economy within the context of nature conservation areas.

    This volume is a pivotal resource for scholars in tourism, particularly those focused on teaching and researching tourism geographies and sustainable development. It holds particular significance for scholars examining emerging nations across Asia.



    Part I: Setting the Context


    1.     Tourism Development and Poverty in Japan

    2.     Tourism Development and Poverty in Vietnam


    Part II: An Introduction to Case Studies


    3.     Yakushima

    4.     Cu Lao Cham


    Part III: Perspectives on Tourism and Poverty Alleviation


    5.     Perspectives of Local Businesses on Tourism Development: The Case of Yakushima

    6.     Perspectives of Local People on Tourism Development: The Case of Cu Lao Cham

    7.     A Comparison of Two Case Studies




    Nguyen Van Hoang holds a BA in Tourism Geography and an MA in Natural Resources Preservation, Rational Exploitation and Restoration from Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City. He obtained his second MA and PhD degrees from Hiroshima University in Japan. He is currently Lecturer at the Faculty of Tourism, Nguyen Tat Thanh University in Vietnam. His research primarily focuses on sustainable tourism development, tourism and poverty alleviation, particularly in protected areas and marine environments. He has published numerous papers in Scopus-listed journals such as Tourism Planning & Development, Tourism in Marine Environments, Parks, Tourism & Hospitality Research, Cogent Social Sciences and Current Issues in Tourism. He is passionate about teaching subjects related to sustainable tourism, ecotourism, tourism planning and tourism geography. Additionally, he co-founded the Vietnam Tourism Research Network, aimed at enhancing the publication capacity of Vietnamese researchers in the tourism field.