1st Edition

Towards Identity in the Psychoanalytic Encounter A Lacanian Perspective

By Colette Soler Copyright 2024
    112 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    112 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Towards Identity in the Psychoanalytic Encounter addresses the theme of identification and identity in the psychoanalytic clinic as elaborated by Jacques Lacan over the course of his teaching.

    In psychoanalysis, the subject who is summoned “to speak himself” is by definition lacking in identity. His question is “What am I?” but, as he is only represented by his words, his being is “always elsewhere”, within other words that are yet to come. Thus a paradox: one seeks via speech the identity of a being who, through his speech, is not identifiable. Yet the fact remains, he has a body, and he is riveted to sufferings that psychoanalysis, from Freud to Lacan, identified, which are not accidental, which we call repetition and symptom, and which shift the question of identity because a One, real, is at play in them.

    Towards Identity in the Psychoanalytic Encounter will be key reading for the study and research of Lacanian psychoanalysis and all practitioners interested in Lacan’s teaching, as well as other discourses such as philosophy, art, literature and history.



    I. November 12, 2014

       Analytic context

       Consciousness of identity

       Identity called into question

       Towards identity

    II. November 26, 2014

        Apparolé” to capitalism

        Identity and the Social Link

        The segregative option

        “Not all apparolé” to capitalism

    III. December 17, 2015

         Identity put into question

         The subject represented

         The entrance of the subject into the real

         The function of identifications

    IV. January 7, 2015

         The order of identifications

         Two primordial identifications

          “The imaginary path”

          An absence

    V. January 21, 2015

         Phallus, are you there?

         Genealogy of the phallus

         The phallocentric clinic

    VI. February 4, 2015

          Socialising phallus

          Two lacks

          And the Name-of-the-Father?

    VII. March 11, 2015

           The primordial identification


           Copulatory function of the phallus

    VIII. March 25, 2015

           Maternal castration

           The phallic supplement

           The collective and the individual


    IX. April 8, 2015

         Our context

         In the footsteps of Freud

             A single psychology

             “Civilizing” love

             The three identifications

     X. May 6, 2015

        The principle of cohesion

         The Freudian group is not a discourse

         Links between peers?

      XI. May 20, 2015

         Dialectic of phallic identifications

         Unconscious desire and genitality

         Jouissance of the body…

         What body?

         The unlikely body

     XII. June 3, 2015

           Identification with the symptom

           Non extimate jouissance

           Of the real Ones

           To identify oneself without identifying?


    Colette Soler practices and teaches psychoanalysis in Paris. She holds an agrégation in philosophy and a doctorate in psychology. It was her encounter with the teaching and person of Jacques Lacan that led her to choose psychoanalysis. She was a member of the École Freudienne de Paris and, following its dissolution, became the Director of the École de la Cause Freudienne, after which she was at the forefront of the movement of the International of the Forums and its School of Psychoanalysis.