1st Edition

Towards a Better Port Industry Port Development, Management and Policy

By Peter W. de Langen Copyright 2020
    302 Pages 70 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    302 Pages 70 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Towards a Better Port Industry provides professionals in freight transport and maritime logistics, and specifically the port industry, as well as students in these fields, with a better conceptual understanding of the port industry. It includes key insights and best practices for port management and development, and an overview of new trends and developments relevant for developing winning strategies.

    After an introduction, Chapter 2 offers a new perspective on port governance, in which public interests, corporatization, state-ownership, and shareholder policies take a central role. Chapter 3 explains how new trends and developments affect port development and argues that assuming ‘business as usual’ often leads to major port development mistakes. Chapter 4 deals with port development and discusses all major port development challenges, including granting concessions, developing a port vision, crafting stakeholder support, choosing port performance indicators and creating a port innovation system. The final chapter deals with port development strategies and includes themes such as strategies of port development companies, pricing and business development.

    This book will broaden professionals’ conceptual understanding of the ports industry, and provide insights on the latest developments in this area. For students, this book provides an industry-focused and non-technical ‘essential reading’ for gaining a deep understanding of the ports industry.

    1. Ports in Supply Chains  2. Drivers of Change in the Port Industry  3. Companies, Strategies and Business Models in the Container Market  4. Port Governance  5. Port Planning and Development  6. New Strategies for Ports and Port Authorities


    Peter W. de Langen is the owner and principal consultant of Ports & Logistics Advisory and professor (part-time) at Copenhagen Business School. Peter has worked for leading companies and governments in the ports industry, and is considered a thought leader on ports and port development. He is co-director of the leading port knowledge platform www.porteconomics.eu.

    "In a world where ports are confronting challenges from changing markets, competition, technology and issues of security and sustainability, it is becoming ever more important that the public and private actors in the industry equip themselves with the knowledge skills to successfully steer their businesses. This book provides professionals and students alike with an understanding of the issues in port administration and gives clear solutions and best practices. This book is a must read for port industry professionals and scholars alike" — Brian Slack, Concordia University, Canada

    "A modern and well-rounded book on the port industry. Peter de Langen brings a fresh look into traditional topics such as port governance and gives an insight into current technologies, which are reshaping the role of ports and the industry" — Duna Uribe, Executive Commercial Director, Pecém Industrial Port Complex, Brazil

    "Peter De Langen’s new book provides an impressive round-up of the key challenges seaports are facing today, from concentration among shipping lines to societal demands on the sustainability of port operation, and how the port industry should respond." — Dr. Jan Hoffmann, Chief, Trade Logistics Branch, Division on Technology and Logistics, UNCTAD, Switzerland

    "In this book Peter de Langen explores the complexities of ports as business ecosystems and offers an in-depth view on how ports contribute to the increase of trade, by providing Added Value services to make consumers and producers better off." — Santiago​ Garcia-Mila, Subdirector General, Estrategia I Comercial, Port de Barcelona, Spain