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Towards a Social Science of Drugs in Sport

ISBN 9780415853149
Published May 21, 2013 by Routledge
166 Pages

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Book Description

The debate around the role of drugs in sport is vibrant. There is a wealth of evidence from the hard end of science, telling us how drugs work, how drug testing works, and how many athletes have fallen foul of the system. The evidence from social science is still building momentum. For example, what makes an athlete use a performance enhancing substance? "To win" simply fails to explain the drug use behaviour we see among athletes.

This book provides a foundation for anyone trying to understand the drugs in sport problem beyond the hard science by looking at the "people factor" from different perspectives. After building a case for the social science of drugs in sport, it is examined from the ethical, sociological, economic, legal and psychological points of view. The book concludes with a definitive statement about what researchers, policy makers, sports administrators, athletes and fans can do to achieve a social science of drugs in sport that puts people firmly in the centre of the debate.

This volume was published as a special issue of Sport in Society.

Table of Contents

1. Developing an agenda for social science research into drugs in sport  Jason Mazanov  2. The case for a social science of drugs in sport  Jason Mazanov and Vanessa McDermott  3. Debating the role of drugs in sport: a reader  Jason Mazanov  4. Performance enhancement and drug control in sport: ethical considerations  Dennis Hemphill  5. Towards a sociology of drugs in sport  James M. Connor  6. The economics of drugs in sport  Keiran Sharpe  7. Drugs in sport: the legal issues  Anne Amos and Saul Fridman  8. Health psychology and drugs in sport  Frances H. Quirk  9. Equipping athletes to make informed decisions about performance-enhancing drug use: a constructivist perspective from educational psychology  James M. Hanson  10. Without bounds: a cosmopolitan research agenda for drugs in sport  Jason Mazanov  11. Towards a social science of drugs in sport  Jason Mazanov

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Jason Mazanov is a Senior Lecturer at the UNSW Canberra Campus. Dr. Mazanov started his career as a Health Psychologist before moving into the social science of drugs in sport. This move has seen Dr. Mazanov develop expertise as a sports policy and management researcher.