1st Edition

Toxicology of the Human Environment
The Critical Role of Free Radicals

Edited By

Chris J Rhodes

ISBN 9780748409167
Published February 24, 2000 by CRC Press
510 Pages

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Book Description

The environment in which human beings live is complex and we may encounter many different potentially toxic chemical substances during the course of our lives. These xenobiotic agents may invade the living system in the form of environmental pollutants, in the diet, as pharmaceutically administered compounds or even as chemical weapons and it is becoming widely recognised that free radicals are often involved in this toxicity.
The book covers all aspects of toxic agents in the environment from their detection to their effects. Final year undergraduates and postgraduates studying toxicology, biochemistry, cell biology or environmental science will find this book valuable reading, whilst researchers in academia, the pharmaceutical industry, and public health laboratories will appreciate it as a comprehensive reference.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction Christopher J. Rhodes 2. Chemistry of Spin-trapping Rheal A. Towner 3. Spin-trapping: Problems and Artefacts Lennart Eberson 4. In vivo Spin-Trapping - From Chemistry to Toxicology Ronald P. Mason 5. Ex vivo Detetection of Free Radicals Aldo Tomasi, Anna Iannnone, Marco Ferrari and Valentina Quaresima 6. The Metabolism of Nitroxides in Cells and Tissues Harold M. Swartz and Graham S. Timmins 7. Clinical Uses of Nitroxides as Superoxide-dismutase Mimics James B. Mitchell, Murali C. Krishna, Amram Samuni, Periannan Kuppusamy, Stephen M Hahn, and Angelo Russo 8. Nitroxide Skin Toxicity Jurgen Fuchs 9. Biological Oxidations Catalysed by Iron Released From Ferritin, Christopher A. Reilly and Steven D.Aust 10. The Toxicology of Iron Rodney Bilton 11. The Role of Free Radicals in the Toxicology of Airborne Particulate Pollutants Peter Evans 12. Free Radical Mechanisms of Ethanol Toxicity Emanuele Albano 13. The Role of Cytokines in the Inflammatory Response Carmen M. Arroyo 14. Duplicity of Thiols and Thiyal Radicals: Protector and Foe Christopher J. Rhodes 15. Synergystic Effect of Carbon Tetrachloride and 1,2-dibromoethene Giuseppe Poll, Manuela Aragno, Elena Chiarpotto, Simonetta Camandola and Oliviero Danni 16. Reactive Oxygen Species in Physiology and Toxicology Nalini Kaul and Henry Jay Forman 17. The Role of Free Radicals in Chemical Carcinogenesis ^Joseph R. Landolph 18. Free Radical Involvement in Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases Frank J. Kelly 19. NMR Evaluation of Thermally-induced Peroxidation in Culinary Oils Martin Grootveld, Christopher J.L. Silwood and Andrew W.D. Claxson 20. The Structure and Electronic Properties of Oxy Intermediates in the Enzymatic Cycle of Cytochrome P450s Dan Harris 21. Spin Trapping - Applications to Photochemical and Photobiological Problems Colin F. Chignell 22. Thermodynamic Considerations of Free Radical Reactions John Butler 23. The Use of QSAR for the Prediction of Free Radical Toxicity ^Mark T.D. Cronin and Thuy T.Tran Evans, University of Glasgow, UK, Martin Grootveld, St. Bartholemew's and the Royal London Hospitals School of Medicine and Dentistry, UK, G.Poli, Sezione di Patologia Generale, Italy, Colin Chignell, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, USA, Ronald P. Mason, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, USA, John Butler, Christie Hospital NHS Trust, UK, Harold Swartz, Dartmouth Medical School, USA, Emanuele Albano, University of Turin, Italy, James Mitchell, National Cancer Institute, USA, Rheal Towner, James Cook University of North Queensland, Australia, Steve Aust, Utah State University, USA, Aldo Tomasi, University of Modena, Italy, Carmen Arroyo, US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, USA, Danni L. Harris, Molecular Research Institute, USA, Frank Kelly, St. Thomas's Hospital, UK, Mark Cronin, Liverpool John Moores University, UK, Rodney Bilton, Liverpool John Moores University, UK, Jurgen Fuchs, Germany, Henry Jay Forman, University of Alabama, USA, Joseph R. Landolph, USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, USA.

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