1st Edition

Tracing the (Post)Apartheid Novel beyond 2000 Interviews with Selected Contemporary South African Authors

    This anthology comprises of interviews with contemporary South African authors, offering vignettes of their lives and summaries of their works.

    In curating this book, Danyela Demir and Olivier Moreillon step beyond pure literary theory and analysis. They welcome the authors to speak and assess the literary panorama in which they live and co-create. However, Demir and Moreillon also trace concepts and terms that describe the current South African literature, such as post-transitional literature and literature beyond 2000. By adopting a world-literary approach to (post)apartheid literature, this book contributes to debates on contemporary South African writing. In addition, Tracing the (Post)Apartheid Novel Beyond 2000 seeks to raise awareness of the imbalance in both critical and public attention between literary ‘big names’, such as André P. Brink, J.M. Coetzee, Nadine Gordimer and Zakes Mda, who are popular worldwide, and the younger and newer generation of South African writers, who go largely unnoticed.

    Print edition not for sale in Sub Saharan Africa.


    Reflecting on Anglophone (Post)Apartheid Literature beyond 2000: A World-Literary Perspective

    In Conversation with Mariam Akabor

    In Conversation with Sifiso Mzobe

    In Conversation with Fred Khumalo

    In Conversation with Futhi Ntshingila

    In Conversation with Niq Mhlongo

    In Conversation with Zukiswa Wanner

    In Conversation with Nthikeng Mohlele

    In Conversation with Mohale Mashigo

    In Conversation with Lauren Beukes

    In Conversation with Charlie Human

    In Conversation with Yewande Omotoso

    In Conversation with Andrew Salomon

    In Conversation with Imraan Coovadia

    In Conversation with Fred Strydom

    Some Closing Remarks on World-Literature and the Broadening of ‘South Africanness’ in (Post)Apartheid

    Literature beyond 2000



    Danyela Dimakatso Demir is NRF post-doctoral fellow at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Howard College) and the author of Reading Loss: Post-Apartheid Melancholia in Contemporary South African Novels (2019).

    Olivier Moreillon is research associate at the University of Johannesburg. He is the author of Reading the Post-Apartheid City: Durbanite and Capetonian Literary Topographies in Selected Texts Beyond 2000 (2019) and the co-editor of Cities in Flux: Metropolitan Spaces in South African Literary and Visual Texts (2017).