1st Edition

Tracking the White Rabbit A Subversive View of Modern Culture

By Lyn Cowan Copyright 2002
    152 Pages
    by Routledge

    152 Pages
    by Routledge

    Since its beginning, depth psychology has attempted to change the status quo of individual and cultural life by probing beneath surface appearances. Lyn Cowan explores a number of subjects, considering what possible meanings and implications for change might lie behind the conventional attitudes toward such subjects as:
    * Abortion
    * Gender and sexuality
    * Language
    * Memory
    * Melancholy
    The author puts forward the argument that, although "psychology" and "subversion" are not usually thought of as belonging together, they should be. Such a view, presented clearly with humour and insight, offers a way to think differently about usual things, and yield fresh meaning to some of the pressing dilemmas of our time and how we as individuals may respond to them.

    Introduction. Tracking the White Rabbit. Feeding the Psyche - Junk words and Corn-fed Music. Women and the Land. "Taking the Dark with Open Eyes" - Hidden Dimensions of a Psychology of Abortion. False Memories, True Memory, and Maybes. Styx and Stones. Hatred and the Art of Cursing. The Archetype of the Victim. Homo/aesthetics, or, Romancing the Self. Sexual Encounters of the Third Kind. Blue Notes: Some Reflections on Melancholy.


    Lyn Cowan

    There is scarcely a page of this fine book that did not bring me a fresh insight... in the process of actively engaging with her lively intellect you are forced to question many of your own assumptions and in this way come to a closer awareness of your own "truths"and their origins. This is a book to be kept close at hand, a pleasing antidote to both conscious and unconscious stuckness, smugness and sense of certainty; be warned ....this book could change your life. - Mantis, 2004

    From its beginnings in Paris and Vienna, depth psychology was carried on behind closed doors with odd people. When "having nice days" and "no problems" rule, psychology must remain subversive and eccentric to be worth its salt. - James Hillman

    Lyn Cowan has the necessary dary eye to see what brighter eyes miss, the humor to make it bearable, and the incisive insight to make it count. You can rely on her to be a sure guide any time you drop with irresistable force into the unfamiliar world "underground". - Robert Bosnak - Jungian Analyst