1st Edition

Trade Union Growth, Structure and Policy A Comparative Study of the Cotton Unions

By H. A. Turner Copyright 1962
    420 Pages
    by Routledge

    417 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1962, Trade Union Growth, Structure and Policy starts with the long history of the textile unions and their remarkable structures and techniques. By comparing these unions to each other and to other key unions, Professor Turner explores those major problems in the development and contemporary position of trade unionism which are of public interest. He reappraises the general theory of the labour movement’s evolution and is able to show that, what are essentially modern unions have existed longer than has been realized and also that ‘unofficial’ movements often repeat the pattern of very early unionism. A detailed comparison and contrast of modern unions reveals that they fall into a greater number of different types and are subject to a greater diversity of influences than is generally supposed both in formal government and in effective democracy. The author assesses the factors which have in the past have brought about a major change in trade unions and the likelihood of major changes in the future. This book is an important historical document for scholars and researchers of labour movement, labour economics and political economy.

    I. Introductory 1. Preface 2. The Cotton Trades and Textile Unions II. Trade Union Origins 1. The Early Unions- Did they Exist? 2. The Character of Early Unionism III: Growth of the Modern Unions 1. The Theory of Labour Aristocracy 2. ‘Closed’ vs ‘Open’ Unionism IV: Some Comparisons 1. The Gap in Trade Union development 2. The Evolution of Trade Union Forms V. Union Structure and Union Government 1. The Morphology of Trade Unionism 2. Trade Union Democracy VI. Trade Union Policy 1. Union Organization and Leadership 2. Change in Trade Unions VII. Appendix Index


    H. A. Turner