1st Edition

Trademarks and Their Role in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Industrial Organization

    360 Pages
    by Routledge

    360 Pages
    by Routledge

    Trademarks are the most widely used intellectual property right by companies worldwide. Their strategic importance is increasing, as reputational assets become more relevant for companies than ever, in national and global markets. Trademarks also represent key tools for companies to profit from innovation and can make the difference for start-ups and entrepreneurial firms by allowing them to gain legitimacy and fostering fund raising from investors.

    This book Trademarks and Their Role in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Industrial Organization takes stock of the emerging academic research on how companies use trademarks. It collects a rich set of contributions from several research perspectives and disciplines and proposes an integrated view bridging different levels of analysis: individual, firm, industry, and country level. Specifically, the book combines an industrial organization, innovation, and entrepreneurship perspective to understand why, when and with what effects entrepreneurs, innovators, and firms use trademarks. The book is targeted toward academic readers to gain a better understanding of the emerging and interdisciplinary field of trademark research as well as interested practitioners from the area of intellectual property (IP) management and policy-making.

    The chapters in this book were originally published in Industry and Innovation.


    Carolina Castaldi, Joern Block and Meindert Flikkema

    Part I: Bridging perspectives on trademarks and firms

    1. Why and when do firms trademark? Bridging perspectives from industrial organisation, innovation and entrepreneurship

    Carolina Castaldi, Joern Block and Meindert J Flikkema

    2. Which firms use trademarks? Firm-level evidence from Germany on the role of distance, product quality and innovation

    Dirk Crass

    3. Are trademark counts a valid indicator of innovation? Results of an in-depth study of new Benelux trademarks filed by SMEs

    Meindert Flikkema, Ard-Pieter De Man and Carolina Castaldi

    4. Innovation activities and business cycles: are trademarks a leading indicator?

    Charles A. W. deGrazia, Amanda Myers and Andrew A. Toole

    Part II: Trademarks as Assets

    5. On the price elasticity of demand for trademarks

    Gaétan de Rassenfosse

    6. From a distinctive sign to an exchangeable asset: exploring the U.S. market for trademark licensing

    Edoardo Ferrucci, Maria Isabella Leone, Manuel Romagnoli and Andrea Toros

    7. Firm market valuation and intellectual property assets

    Mafini Dosso and Antonio Vezzani

    Part III: Trademarks and IP strategies of Innovative Firms

    8. Concordance and complementarity in IP instruments

    Marco Grazzi, Chiara Piccardo and Cecilia Vergari

    9. Are two better than one? Modelling the complementarity between patents and trademarks across industries

    Patrick Llerena and Valentine Millot

    10. The valuation of patent-trademark pairing as IP strategy: evidence from the USPTO

    Grid Thoma

    11. Why do innovators not apply for trademarks? The role of information asymmetries and collaborative innovation

    Suma Athreye and Claudio Fassio

    Part IV: Trademarks and Entrepreneurship

    12. Trademarks and their association with Kirznerian entrepreneurs

    Serhiy Lyalkov, Mónica Carmona, Emilio Congregado, Ana Millán and José María Millán

    13. Overlap in external technology search locations and the breadth of IPR assets: lessons from the Security Software Industry

    Szabolcs Szilárd Sebrek

    14. Trademark or patent? The effects of market concentration, customer type and venture capital financing on start-ups’ initial IP applications

    Geertjan De Vries, Enrico Pennings, Joern H. Block and Christian Fisch


    Carolina Castaldi is Full Professor in Geography of Innovation at Utrecht University.

    Jörn Block is Full Professor at University of Trier and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

    Meindert J. Flikkema is Associate Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands.