1st Edition

Tradition and Innovation

Edited By Maria do Rosário Monteiro, Mário Ming Kong Copyright 2021

    The texts presented in Proportion Harmonies and Identities (PHI) Tradition and Innovation were compiled with the intent to establish a multidisciplinary platform for the presentation, interaction, and dissemination of researches. They also aim to foster the awareness and discussion on the topic of Tradition and Innovation, focusing on different visions relevant to Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Design and Social Sciences, and its importance and benefits for the sense of identity, both individual and communal. The idea of Tradition and Innovation has been a significant motor for development since the Western Early Modern Age. Its theoretical and practical foundations have become the working tools of scientists, philosophers, and artists, who seek strategies and policies to accelerate the development process in different contexts.

    Organizing Committee.  Sponsors.  Editorial Foreword.  Preface.  Synopsis.  Part I: TRADITION AND INNOVATION.  Part II: ARCHITECTURE / URBANISM / DESIGN.  Part III: ARTS.


    Maria do Rosário Monteiro is Professor of Comparative Literature at the FCSH/UNL (New University of Lisbon). She graduated in Modern Languages and Literature at the University of Lisbon (1983), and completed a Master in Comparative Literary Studies at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 1987 and a PhD in Literary Sciences, speciality of Comparative Literature, at Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 1997. She currently lectures in Comparative Culture and Literature at graduate and postgraduate levels. She is a Senior Researcher at CHAM – Centre for the Humanities (FCSH/NOVA, UAc). She is editor of several books, both in Portuguese and English, author of the first academic books on Tolkien published in Portugal, and author of several essays on Utopia, Fantasy, and Science Fiction.

    Mário S. Ming Kong has a degree in Architecture from the Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade de Lisboa (FAUTL), and a PhD in Architecture with Aggregation in the field of drawing and visual communication from Escuela Superior Technical Architecture Barcelona - Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC-ETSAB). He is presently Professor at FAUTL, Lecturer in ESELx and Visiting Professor at the Master Course in arts at ESBAL. He previously taught at Lusophona University (ULHT) and Independent University, respectively in the Departments of Urban Planning and Architecture. In 2000 he was Coordinator of the first year of the course in Urban Planning ULHT. In 1998 he served as Regent of the discipline Design/CAD/Geometry at ULHT. He participated in scientific research studies and consulting work for outside entities. He has also participated in several publications, communications indexed to Taylor & Francis and ISI, Scopus, Web of Science and training courses in order to disseminate the results of his research activities at national and international universities. His main research areas are: Harmony and proportion in representation between West and East and its application to Sustainable Architecture, in particular by applying concepts of Origami and Kirigami to materials such as paper and bamboo.

    Maria João Pereira Neto is Professor at Faculty of Architecture University of Lisbon and member of the Department of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. She has a PhD in History and a Master's degree in Sociology. Her main domains of teaching and research are applied Social Sciences, Humanities, Art and Architecture History, Design, Scenography, Heritage. Since 1978, she has amassed scientific research experience and professional consulting experience in the domains of Social Sciences and Humanities. She is a member of the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Architecture (2008 -2011; 2014…). She was senator of The University of Lisbon, elected to the Scientific Board (2013-2017). Effective member CIAUD - Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon, associated member of CHAM – Centre for Humanities (FCSH/NOVA, UAc). Member of the Geographical Society – Lisbon, president of the Arts and Literature Section, and in 2016 also the Section of Heritage Studies, vowel of the sections: Tourism, Communication Studies, Education and Ethnology. Author of several indexed texts in Isis, Scopus, Web of Science.