1st Edition

Tradition and Transition in East Africa Studies of the Tribal Factor in the Modern Era

Edited By P.H. Gulliver Copyright 1969
    392 Pages
    by Routledge

    386 Pages
    by Routledge

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    First published in 1969.
    Divided into two parts, the first sections in the book examine the significance of the tribal factor in certain general contexts and discuss some of the particular backgrounds to contemporary transition in East Africa. There are essays on politics, economic development, language, law and education, together with a comparative look at European nationalism. In the second part, the grass-roots basis and development of the concept of the tribe are considered and its operation in social life in rural areas discussed.
    The contributions come from a wide range of scholars in the social sciences, history and law and the contributors are: W.J. Argyle, George Bennett, Tom J. Mboya, W.H. Whiteley, Eugene Cotran, J.W. Tyler, J.S. La Fontaine, Michael Twaddle, Kathleen M. Stahl, P.H. Gulliver, Kirsten Alneas, David J. Parkin, R.D. Grillo, I.M. Lewis, H.F. Morris.

    Part 1: General Studies 1. W.J. Argyle European Nationalism and African Tribalism 2. George Bennett Tribalism in Politics 3. Tom J. Mboya The Impact of Modern Institutions on the East African 4. W.H. Whiteley Language Choice and Language Planning in East Africa 5. Eugene Cotran Tribal Factors in the Establishment of the East African Legal Systems 6. J.W. Tyler Education and National Identity Part 2: Regional and Case Studies 1. J.S. La Fontaine Tribalism among the Gisu 2. Michael Twaddle 'Tribalism' in Eastern Uganda 3. M. Stahl The Chagga Kathleen 4. P.H. Gulliver The Conservative Commitment in Northern Tanznaia: The Arusha and Masai 5. Kirsten Alnaes Songs of the Rwenzururu Rebellion: The Konzo Revolt against the Toro in Western Uganda 6. David J. Parkin Tribe as Fact and Fiction in an East African City 7. R.D. Grillo The Tribal Factor in an East African Trade Union 8. H.F. Morris Buganda and Tribalism 9. I.M. Lewis Nationalsim and Particularism in Somalia


    P.H. Gulliver