1st Edition

Traditional Medicinal Plants and Malaria

    460 Pages
    by CRC Press

    460 Pages 59 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Malaria is an increasing worldwide threat, with more than three hundred million infections and one million deaths every year. The world’s poorest are the worst affected, and many treat themselves with traditional herbal medicines. These are often more available and affordable, and sometimes are perceived as more effective than conventional antimalarial drugs.

    The first book to be published on this subject, Traditional Medicinal Plants and Malaria explores the evidence for the safety and efficacy of some of these traditional medicines, and presents practical guidelines for designing studies on traditional plant-based antimalarial medicines, mosquito repellents, and insecticides. Systematic reviews of the literature and consensus guidelines form the main body of the book. Ethnomedical, ethnobotanical, pharmacological, phytochemical, toxicological, and clinical aspects of herbal antimalarials are also reviewed. These are supplemented by case studies of the most well-known traditional antimalarials.

    Traditional Medicine and Malaria Control. Case Studies of Plant-based Medicines for Malaria. Ethnomedical Research. Laboratory Research. Clinical Research. Repellence and Vector Control. Epilogue: Prospects for the Future.


    Merlin Willcox, Gerard Bodeker, Philippe Rosoanaivo