1st Edition

Trajectories Inter-Asia Cultural Studies

Edited By Kuan-Hsing Chen Copyright 1998

    Trajectories brings together cultural theorists not only from countries with a known historical critical tradition such as America, Canada and Australia but from the East-Asia locations of Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, India and Thailand. It constitutes a critical confrontation between the imperial and colonial co-ordinates of north and south, east and west. Without rejecting the Anglo-American practices of cultural studies, the contributors present critical cultural studies as an internationalist and decolonized project. Trajectories links critical energies together and charts future directions of the discipline. The contributors discuss subjects such as Japanese colonial discourse, cultural studies out of Europe, Chinese nationalism in the context of global capitalism, white panic, stories from East Timor, queer life in Taiwan and new social movements in Korea. The book ends with an interview with Stuart Hall.

    1: The Decolonization Question; I: Refiguring the Colonial; 2: Globalization and the South; 3: Yellow Skin, White Masks; 4: Eurocentric Reluctance; 5: Managerializing Colonialism; 6: A Colonized Empire; 7: A New Cosmopolitanism; II: Inside/Outside the Nation/State; 8: Despotic Empire/Nation-State; 9: Culture, Multiracialism, and National Identity in Singapore; 10: Thai Pop Music and Cultural Negotiation in Everyday Politics; 11: Representing the Voices of the Silenced; 12: White Panic or Mad Max and the Sublime; 13: African-American Cultural Studies; III: Renegotiating Movements; 14: Taiwan Queer Valentines; 15: Cultural Activism; 16: Critical Bodies; 17: The Media, Civil Society, and New Social Movements in Korea, 1985–93; 18: Alliance of Hope and Challenges of Global Democracy; 19: A Tokyo Dialogue on Marxism, Identity Formation and Cultural Studies


    Kuan-Hsing Chen teaches at the National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan. He is the author of Media/Cultural Criticism: A Popular-Democratic Line of Flight (Taipei, 1992) and co-editor of Stuart Hall: Critical Dialogues in Cultural Studies (Routledge, 1996).