1st Edition

Transatlantic Environment and Energy Politics Comparative and International Perspectives

    344 Pages
    by Routledge

    342 Pages
    by Routledge

    Environmental and energy policies have become increasingly significant in European and North American politics. This fascinating book uses a wide range of case studies that embrace climate change, product standards, chemical regulations, renewable energy policies, food safety and genetically-modified organisms to examine areas of conflict and cooperation in the transatlantic relationship. While there are many areas where the European Union and the United States are following divergent policy paths, there are also many signs that a more cooperative transatlantic relationship could emerge in the future. Transatlantic Environment and Energy Politics is highly relevant to understanding how the European Union and North America can cooperate more effectively in meeting today's many global environmental and energy policy challenges. It is essential reading for all advanced students and scholars.

    Contents: Expanding Transatlantic relations: implications for environment and energy politics, Miranda A. Schreurs, Henrik Selin and Stacy D. VanDeveer; Part I Governing Within and Beyond the State: Comparative Environmental Governance and Its Implications for Policy Development: governance for sustainable development: the United States and the European Union compared, Elizabeth Bomberg; Intergovernmental management of environmental policy in the United States and the EU, Sonja Wälti. Part II Governing Risk: Chemical Regulations, Asbestos Bans, Product Standards, and Genetically Modified Organisms: Transatlantic politics of chemicals management, Henrik Selin; Oceans apart? Policy reversals, transatlantic politics, and the EU asbestos ban, Marcus Carson; Targeting consumer product environmental impacts across the Atlantic, Alastair Iles; Transatlantic food fights in an era of globalization: when menus, rules and choices collide, Patricia M. Keilbach; Implications of the transatlantic biotech dispute for developing countries, Thomas Bernauer and Philipp Aerni. Part III Governing Carbon: Renewable Energy and Climate Change: Promotion of renewable energy in the United States and the European Union: policy progress and prospects, Ian H. Rowlands; Conflict and cooperation in transatlantic climate politics: different stories at different levels, Miranda A. Schreurs, Henrik Selin and Stacy D. VanDeveer. Part IV Governing Global Markets: Environmental Standards and Certification Approaches: Export promotion, trade, and the environment: negotiating environmental standards for export credit agencies across the Atlantic, Marcus Schaper; The emergence of non-state environmental governance in European and North American forest sectors, Benjamin Cashore, Graeme Auld, Deanna Newsom and Elizabeth Egan; Mad cows and ailing hens: the transatlantic relationship and livestock diseases, Kate O'Neill. Conclusion: Transatlantic environmental relations: implications for the global community, Miranda A. Schreurs, Henrik Selin and Stacy D. VanDeveer; References; Index.


    Miranda Schreurs, Professor and Director, Environmental Policy Research Center, Free University of Berlin, Germany, Henrik Selin, Assistant Professor, Boston University, USA, and Stacy D. VanDeveer, Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire, USA.

    ' ...offers an outstanding collection of cutting-edge research on environment and energy politics. Due to its both international and comparative focus, it is of great interest for academics as well as professionals and policy analysts. The book includes valuable insights not only for those interested in these policy areas, but also for readers interested in global governance more generally.' Christoph Knill, University of Konstanz, Germany 'A valuable and much needed contribution to the comparative study of European and American regulatory policies. Its comprehensive and exhaustively researched essays present a fascinating and informative portrait of the distinctive ways policy-makers on both sides of the Altantic have addressed - or failed to address - a wide range of contemporary regulatory issues and problems.' David Vogel, University of California, Berkeley, USA 'There is an assumption amongst environmental policy analysts that European laws and policies are much stronger than those in North America. This comprehensive, coherent and thought provoking volume brings together a strong team of scholars from both sides of the Atlantic to assess whether this widely shared view has any basis in reality.' Andrew Jordan, University of East Anglia, UK