1st Edition

Transatlantic Relations and Modern Diplomacy
An interdisciplinary examination

ISBN 9780415708371
Published December 23, 2013 by Routledge
264 Pages

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Book Description

This book explores the transatlantic relationship between the US and Europe from multiple perspectives and disciplines.

Since the end of the Cold War, a multi-polar world has replaced the dual power economic and political stranglehold previously shared by the US and Russia. Amid the shift in power politics, the transatlantic partnership between the US and Europe has retained its importance in shaping the outcome of future global developments. With the rise of the US as a major world power and the tremendous economic growths witnessed by countries such as China, India and Brazil, the political power structures within and outside the transatlantic relations have gradually undergone shifts that are important to recognise, understand and critically assess on a consistent basis.

Transatlantic Relations and Modern Diplomacy assesses the strengths and weaknesses of this enduring transatlantic relationship from multiple perspectives and disciplines at a time when the US and European countries are facing increasing economic pressures, significant political changes and substantial security concerns. Examining this relationship through a range of different lenses including historical, economic and cultural, this book highlights the importance of examining the transatlantic relationship from a variety of different contextual and historical perspectives in order to herald the future changes as informed global citizens.

This book will be of interest to students of transatlantic studies, diplomacy, political science and IR in general.

Table of Contents

Preface  SECTION 1: Overview of the Transatlantic Relationship Post-WW II  1. Framing Essay - A Shift in Transatlantic Diplomacy, Brian M. Murphy  2. Transatlantic Relations in a Changing World: Toward a More Equal and Effective Partnership, Michael Baun  3. Public Opinion and Public Diplomacy in a Transatlantic Perspective, Zsolt Nyiri  4. Curing Transatlantic Schizophrenia, Adrian Taylor  SECTION 2: The Transatlantic Economic and Security Relationship Matrix  5. Framing Essay: Re-examining the Transatlantic Trade Agenda: Expanding Trade and Enhancing National Security, Mark Scanlan  6. A Shift in the Transatlantic Balance, Franck Biancheri  7. The Transatlantic Pivot, Daniel Hamilton  8. The Western Alliance in a Post-Western World, Simon Serfaty  SECTION 3: The Future of the Transatlantic Community: New Concepts and Challenges  9. Framing Essay: Transatlantic Communities: A Re-examination of  Theories and Meaning, Steven Galatas  10. The Transatlantic Relationship: From Oppression to Hopes of Partnerships, Kwame Antwi-Boasiako  11. European Union-Latin American Relations in a Turbulent Era, Joaquin Roy  12. Fateful triangle: The Americas and Europe, 1823 to the present, James Siekmeier  SECTION 4: Transatlantic Ties that Bind: Media Representations, Cultures, and Values in the 21st Century  13. Framing Essay: Cultural and Political Ties within the Transatlantic Alliance in the New Century, Julie Harrelson-Stephens  14. (De)constructing transatlantic conflict representation in the media: A review of relevant literature from a communication and media studies perspective, Sudeshna Roy  15. Europe’s Cultural Habitus: Anti-Americanism in Europe in the Twentieth Century, Jessica Gienow-Hecht  16. Future Perspectives of Transatlantic Alliances, Peter Csanyi  SECTION 5: Conclusion  17. Hearts, flowers and a common fate, Dana Cooper

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Sudeshna Roy is Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas.

Dana Cooper is Assistant Professor of History at Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas.

Brian M. Murphy is Dean of College of Liberal and Applied Arts and Professor of Political Science at Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas.