1st Edition

Transcending Monolingualism: Linguistic Revitalization in Education

Edited By A. Camilleri, L. Huss, K. King Copyright 2003
    308 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    This volume describes a wide range of educational situations where linguistic revitalization is currently taking place.

    Linguistic revitalisation in education: An introduction; 1: Linguistic rights; 1: Minority rights in education: International rules and trends; 1: Life or death for languages and human beings – experiences from Saamiland; 2: Planning language acquisition at school; 2: “Do as I say, not as I do.” Legitimate language in bilingual Malta!; 2: Possibilities for educational language choice in multilingual Guinea-Bissau; 2: Revitalisation through immersion – A new road to Sorbian language maintenance?; 2: Linguistic revitalisation in Karelia: Pre-school, school and higher education; 2: The impact of Norwegian language policy at the micro-level: Saami language maintenance and school-based revitalisation; 2: The role of Kurdish children's literature for language maintenance; 3: Pedagogies and practices of linguistic revitalisation; 3: Language pedagogy and language revitalisation: Experiences from the Ecuadorian Andes and beyond; 3: From apartheid to democracy: The role of linguistic practices in schools; 3: Borderlands of identity – Revitalising language and cultural knowledge in a Navajo community living apart; 3: “We'll have to take it back!” Reclaiming Meänkieli in a Tornedalian school in Sweden; 4: Social, political, and cultural contexts of linguistic revitalisation in education; 4: Changing borders, changing identities: Language and school in the bilingual region of Carinthia; 4: Linguistic revitalisation in the Faroes: From vernacular towards national status; 4: Mother tongue education for revitalising a vigorous language? The case of Monguor, a minority language in China


    K. King, A. Camilleri, L. Huss